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There are many cleaning apps like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner, CCleaner, Avast Cleaner in every app store including Google Play Store, AC Market and Aptoide. There are tons of such apps that indeed helps you in cleaning and boosting the Android. one such cleaner app that I am going to discuss today is the app Cleaner.

What is Cleaner?

As mentioned, this is a nice app that tends to keep your phone cleaner and faster. This app is totally free like Clean Master application. but this doesn’t contain too much ads though it is free. As well does not consume too much space from your storage space. The app is very light and also very simple. You will find this app Cleaner more convenient and effective when comparing with the other same types of the apps. It cleans your Android and make it run faster but just in few clicks.

What this app does?

Basically, there some key services offering by the app. Some of them can list as follows.

  • Cleaning the Android
  • Boosting the Android
  • Managing your apps
  • Managing your files

Cleaning the Android

The app Cleaner is better known for its cleaning capability. It cleans all sort of unwanted files or trashes in your Android storage. It reaches every hidden place of the app where we cannot reach manually. It scans for all types of trashes inside the Android and delete them forever by preserving your precious storage space for the important files you like.

If you have this app in your Android no need to delete your photos and other files any more to make some room for another valuable file. This allows you to keep all your favorite files near you as it makes the space by removing all garbage very easily.

Without our knowledge every day certain junk files or unwanted files gets collected in the Androids. We do not normally delete them. Sometimes we do not have a clear idea also. But thanks to this app now no need to worry about less storage space. The app indeed helps you in maintaining a better free space.

Boosting the device

Together with cleaning, optimizing RAM will lead to increase the performing speed of the Android. With the app you surely will be able to enjoy a speed boosting in the Android. It will perform well in better speed when you are playing games as well.

Managing the apps and files

This option lets you to manage all your files in the Android very easily in one place. Using this you also can manage files on your SD card as well. All the media file’s view through the app and can manage them easily. You can save your medias in to Dropbox or Drive very easily via the app.

You can see all the apps in one place and can manage them easily. Can uninstall apps via this app without roaming here and there. If you want to enjoy this nice tool then have it now!

You can try alternative cleaners like

  1. NOX Cleaner
  2. Phone Master
  3. AVG Cleaner
  4. Finally Clean
  5. Powerful phone cleaner

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