NOX Cleaner for PC / Windows

I think you could understand what this app is by its name. Cleaning is the main process or the main task of this app. By the cleaning of your device you could get optimization along with the cleaning of your device. That is even an essential thing for a PC. Actually I can tell you that Nox cleaner is a cleaner, optimizer, or booster for the PC with the operating system with windows 7, windows 8, or with windows 10. But actually there is only an android version of the app. Therefore no separate version for the Windows PC.

Because of this android version the Windows files included in the PC can’t be cleaned up with this Nox cleaner and also this booster can’t speed up the windows files. But the app can clean the other emulators of Android that run on the PC. Windows files can’t act with this type of app. Today we have to discuss the android version of the Nox cleaner.

However this is the best app that one could find. But you think, if there is no android version then how could you install it to the pc. But it is possible. You can install the same app that runs on android to your PC. I’ll tell you the ways that we could download it by the following. But keep in mind it is the android version. Before that I think we will see the unique features of the app.

Features of NOX Cleaner for Windows 10

  • You would be able to clear the cache files and all the junk files in Android Emulators.
  • The app will increase the more space in the storage and it increases the performance of Android Emulators.
  • This can act as an anti-virus software because there are scanners for the virus and it removes the virus.
  • This app will do the real-time scan of viruses.
  • The Nox cleaner will make fast and light by cleaning the memory.
  • It reduces more apps that cause for the laptop battery draining when using Android Emulator.
  • It is acting as a battery saver too.
  • Nox cleaner gives details about the unused apps.
  • You don’t need to enter the usernames or any private details.
  • The details of yours won’t be shared with any other party.
  • Now the working of this app has optimized more than the previous.

These are the main features of the above cleaning app. Then we will observe in which method can we take that app to the phone for our PC.

Nox Cleaner for Windows PC

Nox Cleaner for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7. Developer of this app Nox Ltd does not released a PC version or Windows version of this app. However you can use this app to clean Android Emulators that run on your computer. For example BlueStack player, Memu, Nox and others.

All Android emulators for windows comes with Google Play Store build-in. Open Google Play Store and search app or you can click below link to download it.

Download Via Play Store


  1. What is the size of the app?
    This is about 18 MB in size. 
  2. Is this safe for my device?
    Yes, there are only advantages to this app. No harm can be caused by this. 
  3. Who is the developer of the app?
    Nox Ltd. is the developer of the app. 
  4. How many downloads had it performed?
    Now it has finished about 10,000,000+ downloads. 
  5. What is the category of this app?
    This is for the category of tools. 
  6. Is this free for the device?
    Yes, you could use this app for totally free. 
  7. Can I use an android version for my pc?
    Yes, according to the way that I have said you could use this on your pc. 

That is about the Nox cleaner. I think you could understand the benefit of an app like this. You will definitely try the usage of this app. I am sure about that.

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