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Are you running out of storage. Get free storage without a expansion card or Mirco SD card. Remove all duplicate image, videos and unwanted apps and junk files. Ultimate Android phone storage cleaner. Comes with free Antivirus, Wifi Security abd many more features. Download and install latest version of Clean Master APK.


Last Updated:20th January, 2023

Clean Master for Android

This tool is the best when it comes to phone boost and cleaning. This app dominate all platforms including Windows too. As you know there are many customization and vast amount of Android apps and games available for free. Many install at least one app per month. You may have uninstall unused or already done finished games on your Android phones. You may notice uninstalling may not remove all the related files. If you have a File Manager you can see in your internal storage there are some junk and residual files of uninstalled apps. Those junk may get collected and ultimately cause storage to run out of space. Cleaning them manually is not a good idea. Because there is high chance of deleting required files for other apps. 

So how to get rid of unwanted files that eat your storage space. Best and recommended way is to use a app. This APK is one of the best Android cleaning app available right now. You can visit Google Play store cleaning app to find user reviews, ratings and number of downloads to see success of this app. Here is the list of cleaning tools at play store.

Has all most the features require to keep your Android phone optimized in all way. No need to install several apps for those features. One app with all features helps to save phone storage.

Junk Files Cleaner
CPU Cooler
Performance Booster
Clean master
WiFi Security


Six main features of Android cleaning tool. They are

  • junk Files Cleaner
  • Phone Boost
  • CPU Cooler
  • Antivirus
  • Battery saver
  • Notification Cleaner
  • App Manager

Actually this is a one stop app for all your needs. No need to install separate apps to clean RAM, Anti-virus app and Batter saver app. One app dominate when it comes to cleaning, providing security and privacy and boosting your Android phone. In tool section of this app you will find lots of tools and features. Download and install this app from above download link to see those tools. Here only main features are discussed.

Junk Files – Junk cleaning include detecting and removing unwanted cache files, residual junk files, AD junk, Obsolete APK Files, and free up memory.

Phone Boost – Phone boost option shows all the running apps and games with the amount of RAM used.  You can tick which apps to close in order to free RAM and to reduce CPU load. By doing that you can increase the performance of your phone and tablet.

CPU Cooler – If you phone running too hot you can check current CPU temperature using this option. It shows which apps and games cause CPU to rise in temperature. It is a common thing happen when you play games. But it is nicer to have this feature. If you are experience phone heating even without using the phone. So you can diagnose this issue using that feature.

Antivirus – This app has built in Antivirus for free. Once you click on Antivirus button it will scan your device for malicious files, apps and even recent updates. It also check privacy protection status, WiFi security and etc.

Battery Saver –  This shows all background running apps and tools. You can select and hibernate unwanted apps to save your battery life.

Notification Cleaner – Say goodbye to annoying notifications. Remove or block all annoying notifications and have nice and important notifications only.

Clean Master for Windows

Clean Master for Windows

There is official version of this app for windows or PC. Support Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Free version of this app can be used to 

  • Clean Junk or unwanted files
    – Clean system, residual, and registry junk files to completely free up your storage.
  • Boost your PC or Speedup your PC.
    – Fix all lagging issues
  • Privacy Clean
    – Fix privacy issues and resolve privacy disclosure risks.

If you want to do auto junk cleaning, File Recovery and other handy features you have to buy professional app. Click here to learn more about Clean Master for PC

For iOS and iPhones

Requirement:Windows XP/ 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11

Clean Master for iPhone or IOS devices available from different vendor. Not from the company that develop Android version. This app was able to get rating 4.2 out of 5. Not completely free. Comes with in app purchases like other apps of Apple App Store. If you like free version then you can use Clean Doctor – Photo Cleaner app. Details are available below.

Name:Phone Cleaner
Size:55.6 MB
Compatibility:Requires iOS 9.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Price:Free and contain in-app purchases.
Rating:4.2 out of 5

For MAC or Apple Computers

This a another version from different vendor. CCleaner is one of the best cleaning app available for MAC book, iMAC and other MAC computers. Comes as a free version and paid version. Free version is enough to do your needs.

Features of free version:

  • Faster MAC
    – Can control which apps can use your computer resources like RAM, CPU
  • Privacy Protection
    – Remove unwanted trackers installed and browsing data.
Compatibility:Apple Mac running 64-bit macOS 10.8 to 10.14 Mojave
Rating:4.4 out of 5

How to Install

If you have Google Play Store installation is pretty simple. Because installation is same as other apps. Just go to Play Store and search “Clean Master” and install.

For those who does not have play store have to download the application from the internet. You have to download the Apk version of this cleaning app. It is the android version of that app. You can download official version here. Installation will be somewhat differ from device to device but the procedure will be the same.

Step 01: Download Clean Master app. Click here to download.

Step 02: If you receive a message saying “Install Blocked” then you have to enable “Unknown Sources” option from settings. You can easily find that option by clicking “settings” button appear with that message. 

Android system will notify enabling that feature may be harmful to your device. Don’t worry. because you are not installing any harmful app. That is to warn you that you are installing app away from play store.

Step 03: Once you enable that feature installation will run smoothly. 

11 thoughts on “Clean Master”

  1. Best cleaner apk ever had. Nice and great job creating such a free tool. No need to use any of those paid apps when you have this.

  2. Does it can clean my phone to have more storage. I deleted all my photos and videos. Still memory full. Want to use this app. Does any other recomendations.

  3. Beautiful interface and every feature is nicely laid. But some features has cool graphics only. Not effective like nox cleaner

  4. If your phone won’t stop vibrating with memory full message. Use this app. It will make plenty of space on your storage with one click and no more memory full messages.


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