How to delete UWP apps from Windows

UWP stands for Universal Windows Platform. Applications developed using this platform support all compatible Windows devices including laptops, desktops, Xbox, Mixed-reality headset, and so on. This is not the only way to create a compatible Windows app. UWP is one of many ways to create software.

Features of UWP apps

Below are some of the features of this platform including developers and users.

Security is one of the main features of these apps. These apps had to declare which resources using and what data they accessed. You have to authorize the required resources and data access to function those apps.

Easy to create apps due to the use of common API on all devices that run Windows.

You can easily download and install these apps from the Microsoft Store.

Able to install easily via Microsoft Store and able to delete without any risks to the machine.

Ability to adopt different screen sizes.

Unlike normal apps and games, UWP apps can have notifications, live tiles, Cortana’s Pick Up Where I Left Off, and more.

Developers do not need to learn a whole new language. You can code in C#, C++, Visual Basic, and JavaScript to create these apps.  The same goes with designers to create UI. UI designers can use WinUI, XAML, HTML, or DirectX.

One store for all devices. This platform was introduced to have one app store for all devices. Compatibility among all Windows devices makes it easier to have one app store on all devices.

Deleting UWP Apps

Clean Windows using Optimizer

Every Windows Laptop or Desktop has a list of pre-installed UWP apps on their system. You can keep those apps and games till you run out of space in the system drive. You can delete UWP apps if you have already a clean system drive and still need more space.

There are two ways to delete these apps from your Windows. First is using the default “Add/Remove programs”. There you can search and delete these apps one by one. The problem with using the Windows uninstaller program is it does not show UWP apps separately. You have to find and identify them. If you do not have any idea about these apps use the second option.

Secondly using an optimizing app like Optimizer. The Optimizer app shows all installed UWP apps separately. Normally there are over 50 apps and games. You can scroll through each app using the Optimizer app and select to uninstall.

Advantages of deleting UWP Apps

There are no bigger advantages to deleting these apps and games from your system. The biggest advantage is freeing the system drive to install more apps. You will not gain a noticeable performance boost after removing those apps.

Many people hate having UWP apps thinking they will be removed from Windows in later updates. It’s up to you to decide.

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