Smart Cleaner for my Android phone

Unlike iPhones, Android phones has many customization options and most of them are completely free. You can enjoy all the features of apps on play store for free. Most of the app used to provide all its features for free. In return you have to watch occasional popup ads. It is much more feasible than paying.

As a result many Android users install whatever the app they saw. Only few of them know how to install those apps and manage their phone nice and clean. Other devices loses its performance, storage space, and battery using time and more due to stacking of unwanted apps. Not using apps does not mean those are not using your phone resources. Even unused apps has background services to push notifications, updates, advertisements, tracking and more. That is why managing your phone storage and apps matter. Don’t worry if you are not able to manage your phone nice and clean to have better performance phone.

You can check our Android cleaning apps page for a collection of junk removing and performance boosting apps.

There are plenty of Android cleaning applications that promise to give junk free storage and boost in performance. One of them is Smart Cleaner. You can freely download this application for free from Google play store.

Features of Smart Cleaner APK

Junk files cleaner – Junk files are not easily searchable using a file manager to remove. For example when you run out of storage, you may have delete your media files, apps and others. But amount of free storage get after deleting is much less than expected. That is due to junks. You can easily delete those junks files like caches, residuals from updates, residuals form uninstalled apps, app caches, redundant backups and more. Removing junks helps to free your storage space and that helps to improve phone speed too.

Speed Booster – When the number of background apps and opened apps are high you won’t be able to run your current application smoothly. Use this feature to quickly close all unwanted applications and background tasks to free RAM and CPU workload. As a result you can run you current application at its max speed.

Photo Management – This is one of the best photo management feature on a file cleaner. This helps to manage all your photos. Because phots take lots of storage. Many of those photos contain duplicates or same shot on same place. Clean all those useless photos to get more storage.

Above listed only few features of this application. There are many other alternatives to Smart cleaner like Bee Booster, Clean master apk and etc. You can use your favorite cleaner to booster your device quickly and safely.

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