How do I remove junk files from my Android?

remove junk files from Android

Junk files. Do you have any idea about junk files? If you have an Android you must know about these junk files. If you are getting a notification ‘memory full’ then your Android may be full of junk files. Actually what are these junk files? Junk files are the unwanted files that may get stored … Read moreHow do I remove junk files from my Android?

What do I do when my internal memory is full ?

when my internal storage is full

Are you a person using social Medias (viber, what Sapp, Facebook, twitter, etc.) and web browsers more frequently? Then there is no doubt. Your device can be slowed and memory full unless you are using an App that will help to keep your device clean and fast. Do you know what makes your Android to … Read moreWhat do I do when my internal memory is full ?

Clean Master for android Download

clean master for Android

Are you getting mad at your android device when you are engaging in something important and hurry? Or is your Android is too slow? Or can you see a notification, “memory full” when you need to take a selfi with your loving person? Then you have to think about the performance of your android. The … Read moreClean Master for android Download

Clean Master for Windows

There are lots of cleaning tools or cleaning utilities for windows. Clean Master is the best free PC cleaner for Windows. Clean Master support Windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Normally your PC storage will run out of space or storage with time. It is because lots of files get accumulated on … Read moreClean Master for Windows

How to Clean Android Phone Internal Memory

clean android internal memory

Phone internal memory or storage space is where you keep data like apps, music, photos and etc. Internal memory also includes the Android Operating system. People so confused about the internal memory and memory. Internal memory refers to storage and memory refers to RAM where you run apps and Android system. If you have 32GB … Read moreHow to Clean Android Phone Internal Memory

Clean Master for PC

Clean Master for PC

Clean Master app for Computers / PC ( Windows computers ) is the best performance boosting and junk files and software cleaning app all the time. Comes as pro and free version. For most of us free version is more than enough. So make sure before you upgrade. For example things like auto scanning for … Read moreClean Master for PC

Clean Master for Android

clean master for Android

Android is the most popular and most affordable type of devices. Unlike iPhones Android phones are highly customizable. So Android users tends to install any app they like. Most of those apps are completely free or support Ads to provide free service. Many forget that installing unnecessary apps and games may create lots of unwanted … Read moreClean Master for Android