KeepBooster – (TurboClean) : Cleaner and Antivirus

KeepBooster or Keep Booster app is all in one Clean master app for Android. Recently this app was renamed to TurboClean. Now you will find this app on play store as TurboClean. This Android Cleaner provide junk cleaning, optimization and antivirus feature. Easily boost your Android phone with KeepBooster apk.


Smartphones and other smart devices have taken over the world since its innovation. Not only because they make life so much easier and convenient, but also because they help us achieve and perform tasks that we never thought could be done by simple apps. Want something to eat? Deliver some from food delivery apps, want to do some shopping?

You can now shop at the comfort of your very own fingertips by simply visiting online stores. Or do you even want to have a movie night with your loved ones? You can simply have virtual dates and movie nights thanks to the ultimate development of technology and the many apps that have been developed due to it. However, have you ever wondered if our devices can actually handle the capacity at which we operate them or at least expect them to operate in? Keeping your devices safe and secure as well as functioning well at its optimum level is extremely important. Ever been frustrated with running out of space or even having to delete some of your important apps just to get some free storage on your device? We’ve all been there. How about you download the perfect junk cleaner and memory booster app on to your online that will provide you with all of the benefits you ever need to make your device feel as good as new?

KeepBooster APK

The KeepBooster app has been developed as the world’s renowned Junk Cleaner and Phone booster app that also comes with an antivirus and battery saver for absolutely free. Imagine having all of these functions in one single platform? Amazing as it sounds. The KeepBooster app will clean all of the unwanted as well as cache files that keep clogging your storage in just a few clicks. You can also simply get rid of them without compromising the important apps and files on your device.

The phone booster option will also help you to boost its performance by freeing up RAM off of your device and helping it run more lightly and smoothy like never before. You can now browse through your phone at faster speeds and convenience. The antivirus feature also allows you to stay safe while keeping all of your information and apps secured by removing all of the viruses, malware, and trojans you find online by simply scanning the device intelligently.

The battery saver feature will help you detect all of the apps that contribute to making your device run out of charge constantly and put them to sleep/hibernate. This will help extend your battery life and allow you to travel or browse through your phone for longer periods of time.

The CPU cooler will also help cool your device down which alternatively helps you to have extended battery life and also make your device perform much smoother and faster. All of these features will be offered to you all-in-one with the KeepBooster app by your side. Enjoy the best experience of your device with KeepBooster!

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