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Android phone with highest performance and stunning speed gone to zero or no performance at all. Why these things happen? Is there any way to bring back lost performance and use my phone as before ? Yes and it is completely free. You may experiences instances with memory full, phone freezes and produce different kinds of bugs. Instances where you can’t even store a photo. No matter how hard you delete your media files and apps, it keep getting storage full so quickly than before.

Why Android phones get such messy? Many used to install apps and games they saw on internet and never remove those applications after using. Even uninstalling apps may keep certain files on your storage without deleting all the files. Those are called junks. When the number of junk files and unwanted apps get stacked, your phone start to lose performance, battery life, memory, and produce various types of bugs. Solution is to use Phone Keeper.

You can remove junks and other files that slow down your phone manually. Because if you delete any important file accidently it may produce more bugs than before. So, it is always better to go with effective clean and booster application like Phone Keeper apk.

Features of Phone Keeper App

App Lock – Some had to hand over phone to someone like child, parents or wife/husband. In such cases, you have to unlock your phone making all your private data vulnerable. Don’t worry you can add separate passwords for apps. Even phone is unlock, it may need another password to open apps protected by you using Phone Keeper App Locker feature.

Phone Antivirus protection – Most the time you may install malicious application or virus without knowing. There is no protection in your phone to restrict those installations. You can use this powerful antivirus protection feature to protect your device from viruses, malwares, phishing sites and more.

RAM optimization – Determine which apps and services slow down your phone. Clean those files and tasks using effective clean master app.

Power Saving Mode – There are moments is life where you want to save your phone battery only for calls. You can use this highly effective power saving mode to block all processors and tasks that drain battery power. So you will have few extra hours of battery life to take important or emergency calls.

CPU Temperature – When then number of running apps and tasks are high, CPU get hotter so quickly. Use this feature to reduce CPU stress and bring phone temperate down to normal.

Above listed only few features of this Phone Keeper apk. Feel free to install this application directly from Google play store and find all the features.

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