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Phone Master is no ordinary app that has in the market that boosts your phone. Phone Master is an app with many special inbuilt features such as Anti-Virus Guard, Battery Saver, Data Saver, App Lock, and many more. So this cannot be taken as an ordinary phone boosting that has in the market.

Features of Phone Master

Phone Boosting Function: This function is one of the most important functions in Phone Master apk. This helps the users to boost the phone fast by freeing up the unnecessary processes in RAM.

Cleaning Junk Files: Yet another important function of phone master is this Junk File Cleaning process. The phone fills with many junk files and cache files because of certain apps. So this function helps to reduce them and save storage on the phone like Clean Master.

Inbuilt Battery Saver: You don’t need to use a separate battery saver to save your battery in your phone since the Phone Master provides one. This advanced battery saver helps to analyze how battery charges and how battery drains. It detects the apps which consume more battery and stops them.

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CPU Cooling Facility: This is a way more important function to reduce the heat of the phone. Many users undergo this problem and search for solutions. So here we got a solution for you. Since this CPU Cooler stops the unwanted apps that make the phone heat, it helps keep the device cooler. This heating process happens when many apps are running in the background. CPU Cooler reduces such situations.

App Locker: This App Locking function helps keep your privacy, and no one can access without knowing the password or the pattern you assigned. You don’t need to put separate app locks since Phone Master has an inbuilt one.

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Data Manager: One of the most important issues that data users undergo is that their data lose without knowing. Phone Master provides a solution for this with the function of Data Manager. Using this function, the users can monitor certain points such as the daily data usage or what apps data consume most? This also helps to stop the apps which consume background data.

File Mover: This facility helps the users to view the large files in their phones and move them easily to your memory card.

Phone Master APK

The application Phone Master is offered by Shall try Group and has been released on the 19th of April 2017. It has over 100 million user downloads. The app may request some permissions such as to access camera, contacts, location, telephone, or storage, but don’t worry about giving access permission since this is a verified app in Google Play Protect. Download and enjoy the benefits.

If you does not have play store services, You can use any third party app stores like AC Market or Aptoide to download and install this tool.

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