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How is the functionality of your Android now? Is it slow? Or is it showing “memory full” always? Then this is the best time to go for a cleaner app. There are hundreds of cleaner apps you can have for your Android. But what is the best out of them? Here is one of the best cleaners and a booster app you can have for your Android. The Booster & Phone Cleaner.

What is Booster & Phone Cleaner?

Simply Booster & Phone Cleaner app can be identified as one of the boosters and a cleaner app. The app makes your Android much stronger by removing all the junk files and increase the performance speed of the Android considerably. Once you download and uses it you will find how stronger it is. So, download this cool Apk on your Android now. All the utilities inside the app are free and it offers some in-app purchases too. If you are going to have this nice tool you can replace two or three similar apps making a lot of things to do using one smart app.

Features of the Booster & Phone Cleaner

Cleaning all junk files- the app indeed cleans most of your junk files. It is a known fact that with time many caches and junk files get accumulated on our Androids. So, it is a must to remove these junk files. The app Booster & Phone Cleaner cleans all sort of junk files completely and make room for important files.

RAM booster- When your device is lagged you can easily optimize it by pressing on the option RAM booster. The app energetically boosts your RAM and makes your Android function faster and faster. No more laggings.

App Manager- Another cool feature regarding the app is the ability to manage all your apps in Android very easily and effectively. Using this feature, you can have a glance at so much systems info as well about every app. You can view the sizes of each app and also the caches included in each app. This makes us easy to remove the caches and other junk files.

Battery Cooler- This is also a must-have feature in a cleaner app. Because most of the time when the Android needs a repair it keeps heating. This heating will affect badly on the battery and also the Android. therefore, we need to cool down the battery temperature in advance. The battery cooler option included here in the Booster & Phone Cleaner surely helps you in cooling down your battery temperature making the battery life extended.

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