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Easily handover your phone to children, family member or anyone else by locking apps you want with Perfect AppLock. Lock and prevent opening Android apps and games like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SMS, Gallery, Camera, Contacts, Settings, etc. Most convenient way to protect your privacy when your phone is used not only by you. Prevent your child installing new applications, accessing your social media apps, messages and more with this application.

Importance of Smartphone Security

Valuable things need to be protected. There are things like diamonds and gold valuable  monetarily. And there are things valuable not monetarily but due to personal reasons. With development taking place the need of security arises. In the modern world there are so many illegal intrusions in every sphere that a fool proof security system is a must for protection.

In todays world one of the most used devices is a smartphone. Its usage is worldwide used by people of both genders and all ages alike. You, reading this as a user of a smartphone will realize how much of value it will be to you. To say the smartphone has made the world within one’s reach wouldn’t be wrong.  

Make calls, Record all those important details in the notepad, Communicate all over the world via email, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Take photos and videos . What can be done with a smartphone is too detailed and vast to point out all the details. No wonder the smartphone is in the top list of most popular and widely used devices in the world.

A smartphone may not be valuable in monetary sense as much as the value it gives a person in usage. In fact, the right term would be valueless as its value will not be able to be measured. Not necessary to be a genius to understand why an effective security system is required to protect one’s smartphone. To do just that please get to know the PERFECT APP LOCK and here are its well thought of easy to use features.

Perfect AppLock for Android

Full-proof protection is maximum with the PERFECT APP LOCK! Create your own password, sign or pin for max security and keep unauthorized access to your device be an impossibility. More to come. All other main internal apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, messenger, gallery, email, and the whole works can be locked.

What more for the asking? In addition to the security, it has the feature to give the most optimum screen brightness to all the apps in the smartphone to give the best of viewing pleasure.  The most annoying and disturbing is when one is about to view an image or video clip it will rotate out of control. PERFECT APP LOCK has put a stop to this nuisance by providing with a rotation lock. If unauthorized entry is tried by using a fake password after 3 tries the smartphone camera will auto activate and photograph the unauthorized intruder.

With the PERFECT APP LOCK in your smartphone leaves all the worries away knowing that your smartphone is very well secured and protected. PERFECT APP LOCK is indeed a mandatory requirement rather than a choice for the wise.

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