NoxAppLock – Lock your Gallery, Apps and Messages

Easily lock and protect apps, photos, videos, messages, contacts and more with NoxAppLock. Nox App Lock will be more useful for Android users who has to share their phone with children or family member. Because unlocking the phone give full access to all apps and media. Now you can lock apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more from inside. Need to use separate password to unlock those.

Lock play store, photos, videos and more with one click. Securely handover your phone to anyone, so that they can’t install new apps, change phone settings, access messages and many more. Only do what you offer access.

Increase phone Security with App Level locks

Have you ever wondered if security is something essential to your life? Having proper managed safety and security assures to prevent theft, injury and damage to yourself or your personal property.

However, these issues in the physical level can be solved easily by installing locks, security cameras and other measures that assures security. But have you considered the security on your smartphone? Digital identity theft, usage of sensitive information, phishing, ransomware, and many other threats in the digital world is numerous.

Once the damage is made, it’s super hard to recover one’s information and the severity of the damage is excessive. This is why my friend, you need NoxAppLock. One of the best professional Lock App’s rated five stars and available freely for all android users on the android store.

You can, not only lock in all your apps, photos, and videos, but you can also protect all your sensitive and private information with your unique and exclusive pin, fingerprint, or pattern. It acts as a Private Vault to your gallery and also ensure safe browsing by cleaning out viruses, junk and saving up your battery!

Nox App Locker

Know all those super private apps on your phone where all your messages, photos and important stuff are stored? Lock them in! You can now add your fingerprint or even a pin or pattern to your most used social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Snapchat and even your Gmail. These apps require the most amount of safety since we all know communication happens in large on these apps.

You can also get a more enhanced safety by adding an invisible pattern to prevent any private information from coming up on your smartphone. With NoxAppLock, you can keep your photos and videos stored super safely by encrypting your gallery just with a few taps. They will then be only visible to you in the vault of your gallery and away from nosey peeps.

The app also ensures safe browsing and keeps you away from deadly digital viruses that can cause great loss of information and security on your smart devices. It clears out your browser search after browsing through the internet for utmost safety.

It will not only clean out viruses, but also those unnecessary junk files that manage to clog the storage of your phone. So, you can now cool down your phone with the CPU cooler on the app and have a faster, and smoother gaming experience right there on your smartphone. Preventing overheating of your device  this way will also help you experience a long lasing battery life.

Hurry and install the all new NoxAppLock to enjoy all of these features for just absolutely at the comfort of your fingertips. Apps like Clean Master does not has such feature set.

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