KeepLock – Lock Apps and Media files of Android

Use KeepLock to password lock your apps, photos, videos, messages, contacts and more. Having main phone lock is not enough of most of us. Because when your phone is used by your family member, child, etc. all your sensitive data will expose. Use this application to lock them.

Easily lock messages, gallery, social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line and all with KeepLock. You can also hide notifications too. This way you can handover your phone to you child or any other safely.

Hide all your apps and media files

The importance of privacy in the current world cannot be stressed enough. Imagine all of that work and all of those transactions you perform on your smartphone on a daily basis? A lot isn’t it? All of these interactions that happen through the internet and through untrusted sources are a threat to both you and your device.

With the development of technology our whole lives have been compacted into our smartphones. Every little chore in our life has been performed through different apps. Social media for entertainment and gossip, Food delivery apps to get all your meals, shopping, banking, studying, working, all of these are super easily performed just by a few taps on our smartphone.

But who’s going to protect your personal information and your device from viruses and malicious threats? Let me tell you, KeepLock app available on the android store is the best lock you can assure to all your files, gallery, messages, and activities on your phone.

KeepLock for Android

The app not only preserves your privacy on your default apps, but it also provides excessive security to your most used apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, and many others. So, you can now browse through them freely with no stress or worry about losing your personal and sensitive data in the process.

The app offers you a password, fingerprint locks and even pattern lock to guard your privacy on the apps you use. Now getting into your private and personal space is a lot tougher for anyone than they think it is. Locking the apps of your choice will not only keep away people from being sneaky, but it will also act as a vault for all your photos and videos you wish to keep a secret. So, you no longer have to worry about any of your personal media even if your phone is lost or misplaced.

The intruder snapshot feature will capture any intruder trying to get into your phone at any time. This will help you know who to stay away and safe from at anytime and from anywhere. And what’s best is, you can disguise the KeepLock app as a calculator from keeping anyone away from uninstalling the app. Sneaky and smart isn’t it?

You can also hide the notifications from popping up in your screen to keep away your private business from your nosey colleagues or anyone around you. You can also save up to almost 50% of your battery life by just installing the app and keeping your device super safe. Hurry and get your hands on this amazing app with its huge range of features to keep your smartphone safe and away from the nosey world out there.

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