Android App lock and Photo Vault App

Lock all your social media apps, messaging apps, browsers and more easily to protect your privacy. You can also lock all your photos and move them to a photo vault. All your sensitive photos are hidden within photo vault. Most of the time you have to unlock your phone when handing over to some one specially to a children or family member. In such cases use this Security Plus application to lock them all.

Protect your Privacy

Smartphones and every other smart device we use have indeed proven to be extremely smart. Sometimes, even more than humans ourselves. However, the development of technology not only has its advantages, but also introduced many disadvantages and danger.

You, me, and everyone else surely has a whole lot of sensitive information out there. We’ve done online transactions, subscribed to certain pages and newsletters, done some shopping online which required our personal data to be given, and many more.

We also seem to use social media quite excessively which includes the passing of photographs, selfies, information, private conversations, and many other events we do not wish to share with the outside world.

However, putting ourselves out there and being vulnerable could have negative aftereffects on each one of us. The digital world has developed so many untrusted sources, sites, and many other ways of stealing sensitive information, pictures, and using them against us or even for criminal activities. The depth and seriousness of this issue must be understood by each individual in order to keep themselves safe in the digital world. Providing solutions to this privacy issue, KewlApps has introduced the all new, App Lock & Photo Vault app for all android users to keep themselves and their data protected from danger.

Features of App Lock and Photo Vault App

The app allows its users to keep away nosey neighbor’s out of their business with a photo vault that lets you lock your photos and also your apps to maintain privacy. You no longer have to worry about your private photos falling into the wrong hands with the app. You can guard all of those with fingerprint, password, or pattern locks and well secured.

You can also block unwanted spam calls and lock important calls so that you’re the only one messing with your property. The Lock watch feature on the app protects the lock screen of your device if any intruder tries any failed password attempts. You can also obtain a break-in alert email whenever someone unauthorized tries to access your device.

Protect the CIA triad of confidentiality, Integrity, and availability of you and your information with the app. Intruders might have all what it takes to invade and violate your privacy, but with App Lock & Photo Vault, they don’t stand a chance against you. Keeping yourself and your data self is extremely essential in the modern world especially where almost all of our daily chores are performed on the internet or social media.

Protecting your privacy in the most important tool of your life, your smartphone is guaranteed by the app. So, get your hands on the amazing App Lock & Photo Vault app and enjoy your privacy, with no intruders or nosey neighbors around you.

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