iAppLock – Lock Apps and Hide Photos on Android

Do you worry about sensitive photos, videos and other data on your Android phone. Don’t let your phone password to protect them all. Use iAppLock to lock each and every app. Hide all your sensitive photos, videos and etc. Different passwords and protections for your sensitive data different from phone password.

This is very useful, If your phone is used by your any of your family member or child. You can lock apps like play store, Facebook, games and etc. from your child or others who use your phone. Safely handover your phone with iAppLock.

Protect your privacy

The development of technology has brought many advantages to the world. It has not only brought the world closer together, but it has also made our daily lives easier and convenient. All of our daily chores could easily be done just by a few taps on our smartphone with a dedicated app to perform that particular task. We don’t even need to be carrying around devices such as the alarm, calendar, compass etc. since all of that is freely available on our smart devices.

However, even when life has become this easy, privacy of our personal and sensitive information on the phone is extremely important. Privacy is essential to all humankind. Maintaining our privacy when working on the internet and performing daily chores through apps can be exhausting and a lot of work indeed. So, to give you a hand in protecting yourself and your information, Super Speed has introduced the all new iAppLock app for all android users to keep themselves safe and protected!


The app will help you maintain your privacy by the range of features it has to offer such as, AppLock, Safe Browsing, Private Gallery for your photos, Virus and Notification cleaners, Junk cleaner, CPU Cooler, Memory Booster and also Wi-Fi Security and Battery saver. All of these features will ensure the best performance of your smartphone and help you live a stress free life.

You can now choose to protect your apps, especially your social media apps that hold a lot of personal and private data pf your life by the AppLock feature. This allows you to add locks with pins, patterns and even your fingerprint so that only you can access them whenever you need.

The privacy of your gallery can also be preserved by just one tap and all your photos and videos will be disappeared and only be visible to you in your privacy gallery within the app. This way, even if your smartphone is misplaced or lost, no one will ever be able to access your sensitive and personal data.

The safe browsing feature on the app will ensure to warn you if you’re about to navigate into untrusted sources and URL’s on the internet and keep your device safe from malicious viruses and malware.

The app will also clean out any junk, residual files, and cache from your phone, leaving you with enough space on your phone for all your important storages. It will also cool down your CPU thereby extending your battery life and allowing longer use of your phone. This will be super helpful when gaming, allowing you to have a faster and a smoother gaming experience. Keep safe and boost your phone’s performance!

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