iClean – Android Junk Cleaner and Performance Booster

One of the cleanest and super Junk cleaner that is available for Android. Easily get rid of junk files and boost your Android performance to have smooth and faster phone. No need to buy new phone when your phone is slow. Most Android phones get slowed due to improper usage. Apps like iClean can fix your device for no cost.

How phone lost performance and run out of storage ?

It’s definitely no shocker that our smartphone is the most used technological innovation in the 21st century. From banking, to shopping, to studying and to many daily routines of the society.

For every task or need we have applications. However, keeping track of all these transactions and the files that get stored, specially when using social media apps is impossible. Over time, many junk files, cache, duplicate files, take over a huge amount of space on your smartphone. This affects the performance of our smartphones negatively, reducing speed and creating performance issues.

Clearing up and keeping track of these would be hectic and exhausting with the busy lifestyle we all seem to be having. So, to make your life better and easier, iClean app has been introduced for all android users for just absolutely free with a range of features and benefits!

iClean – Android Cleaner for free

iClean is known to be a super effective junk cleaner app to help manage all the files and cache on your device and boosting its performance to make the best out of your smartphone.

It will not only clean out unnecessary files and provide you with more storage, but it will also cool down your phone allowing your battery life to be long lasting and optimized. A few taps on your screen will help you get rid of junk files, cache, residual files, APK’s not in use, temporary files and many more unnecessary stuff that is clogging up your phone’s storage.

iClean also has the  ability to monitor and navigate apps that take up too much space on your phone so you can decide what you want to do with them.

What makes iClean more special is that it also comes with a virus cleaner that is guaranteed to provide you and all your sensitive data with security and privacy. So, browse through any site with no worry or hassle because iClean will keep you protected.

You can also set up an App Lock for your private apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, to keep your activities private and safe. For all of us that use WhatsApp and Line excessively, the app includes a special super clean feature dedicated for WhatsApp and Line to clean out all unnecessary files, videos, images, and audios. And not to worry because it will never clean out any of your chats.

The CPU cooler on the app will cool down your phone allowing your battery to last long and also help you have a smoother and better experience when gaming on your phone. All of these features are provided for just absolutely free on one single platform. Get your hands on iClean and keep your phone clean, protected, as good as new!

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