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There are many low-end and used Android phones for cheap prices. Therefore amount of people using those phones are very high. There are few common problems faced by many of you. Those are performance issues, not enough battery time and storage space. Many does not know how to solve those issues for free without wasting time. There are many tools out there to tackle those problems.

Android cleaners and boosters are the best solution. But still there is a issue. Because many of you are unable to install those junk cleaner tools on your device due to low storage space and not enough RAM or performance to run those apps. Solution is Clean Master lite. For those who are unable to install Clean Master full fledged version, try Clean master Lite or CM Lite.

About Clean Master Lite

Clean Master lite is developed for low end and used Android phones. It is hard or impossible to install large Android junk cleaners because of low storage space and performance issues. This app is few megabytes in size and does not require high performance like others to run smoothly.

Install this application on your Android phone using the download link at the end of this article and bring back good battery time, performance and storage space. Below describe basic functionalities of this app.

Phone boost feature is the one you have to use first. In order to get full advantage you have to free your phone storage and boost performance. It is hard to open apps and use functionalities when your phone is too slow to operate.

There are many reasons for your Android phone to lose power so quickly. There are many power hungry apps and tasks that run continuously even without using the phone. Battery saver feature of this app can detect apps that need to be block or stop to save battery time.

New apps and games require good CPU power to run. Using those heavy apps and games on your older phone cause lots of CPU heat. It is hard to operate many application on low end Android phones. As a result CPU temperature may rises and cause your phone to heat. Use CPU Cooler feature to close all other CPU intensive apps before using heavy applications.

There are many other features on this application. You can install this app for free and try them.

Download Clean Master Lite

For those who experience slow performance or find it hard to operate Clean Master app can try Clean Master lite. It is the best choice for many Android users out there. Click below link.

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For those who want full fledge Clean master app click below link to download.

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