Clean Master Cheetah mobile

Original Android cleaning tool is clean master by Cheetah mobile. Clean Master gain huge popularity in Android phones due to its features and amazing performance it offer. Number one Android cleaning app on Google play store was this app. However, it was removed due to Play store policy violations and never come back. You can still download and install original Clean Master cheetah mobile app. Click here to download Clean Master by Cheetah Mobile.

About Cheeta Mobile

Cheeta mobile is a Chinese based company that develop mobile apps. Clean Master was their biggest hit all the time. Security Master, CM Games, CM browser, CM lite, Clean Master PC are other award wining apps and games developed by this internet company. They also pioneers in other industries like AI business, AI driven service robots and etc.

There are huge up and downs with this company. As you all know Clean Master was removed from play store and Cheetah Mobile was removed from the New York Stock Exchange in 2019. It is only the few things that happen to this company. However, This company was able to provide their best and leading Clean Master app via official website. Therefore it remained the top cleaning tool in 100 countries.

Features of Clean Master app from Cheetah Mobile

Original Clean Master app has many features that are hard discuss them all here. For your preference only main features of this app was listed below. You can install this original Android cleaning tool and discover all those features.

Mostly received Android system warning on many Android phones are “not enough storage”. You can’t record long video or even capture photos due to low storage space. Over time amount of usable space will be depreciated due to junks. As a result you can get enough usable storage even after deleting important files, photos, videos and apps due to junks. Use junk cleaning feature to remove junks like cache files, unused downloads, older backups, residual data from uninstalled apps, duplicate files, duplicate photos and etc.

Does your phone run slowly every time. It is due to poor management of apps and background tasks. When phones get older and older it is difficult to handle multiple apps and tasks at once. Use this feature to close background and opened apps to boost performance. This feature will come in handy when you want to run current application or game at max speed.

Battery degradation is the other problem on phones. You can either replace your battery or use Battery saver feature to increase battery time of your phone. Battery saver feature will analyze and find power hungry apps that need to be close. There are apps and tasks that run even without using the phone. Managing and blocking those will helps to increase battery time of your phone.

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