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What is a phone cleaner and what does it to your phone ? Main purpose of phone cleaners is to clean phone internally by cleaning phone storage, apps, photos, videos and etc. It helps your Android phone to run smoothly at max speed. No more lagging or stuck while using. Cleaners will optimize your Android phone for best usage experience.

Why we need phone cleaners app? Most of you may using a budget Android phone or used one. With time you will not get full performance and storage space as expected. There are many reasons like junk collection, unused apps, viruses, duplicates, excessive background tasks and etc. Cleaners can easily detect those problems. That is why we need a phone cleaner app.

Clean Master app, NOX Cleaner app, AVG Cleaner app and CCleaner are considered to be the most popular and easy to use Android phone cleaners available for free. Below shows common features for phone cleaner apk.

Features of Phone Cleaner apk

Junk cleaning, Booster, CPU Cooler, Battery Saver, Notification Cleaner are the features that are common for all phone cleaners apks. Below describe each and every feature in detail.

Junks are unwanted files on your phone storage. Sometimes you have to remove apps, games, photos and videos when you receive “not enough storage” message. Many of you have noticed that it does not bring expected amount of free storage space. It is because of junks. You have to dig deeper using a file manager to find those junks. Junk cleaning feature on a phone cleaner apk can automatically detect those junks and clean them. No need to waste your time finding them. Enjoy free storage space without deleting your important files, photos and videos.

Amount of free RAM available for processing data is less when amount of opened apps and tasks are high. RAM space is vital for currently opened app to run fast and smoothly. Booster feature will close all background apps and tasks to free RAM. As a result currently opened or using app will run smoothly as you want.

Many older Android phones may experience frequent temperate rises even with simple phone usage. That is because of increased amount of tasks and processers on CPU. CPU temperature rises when CPU stress is high. Use CPU Cooler feature to reduce CPU stress by closing or hibernating tasks.

There are unwanted apps that run 24 hours on your phone draining power. Use battery saver feature to find those power hungry unwanted apps. Closing or blocking those apps will helps to have longer battery time.

Most people does not know how to turn off notifications. You will get many notifications as soon as you installed a new application. As a result you may miss important notifications. Use notification cleaner feature on phone cleaner apps to clean your notification area.

Download Phone Cleaner Apk

NOX Cleaner and AVG Cleaners are available for free on Google play store. Open Google play store application and go to search. Then type “nox cleaner” . You will see this application on search results. Select and install.

Clean master offers many features than any of those phone cleaners. Clean Master does not available on play store. Click below link to download Clean Master apk for free.

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