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Are you getting mad at your android device when you are engaging in something important and hurry? Or is your Android is too slow? Or can you see a notification, “memory full” when you need to take a selfi with your loving person? Then you have to think about the performance of your android. The storage and the speed of your android have to be optimized. Don’t think too much. Here is the app that you are searching and it will help to solve many of your problems linked with your android’s performance.  The App is Clean Master App for Android.

Clean Master for Android is a very useful App that you can download very easily from the Google Play Store. Of course this is free.

What is actually doing by Clean Master in your Android device?

role of Clean Master Android

As I mentioned earlier also clean Master for Android downloading is very easy. Just go to your Google App Store, find the Clean Master App, then download, install and open the App in your Android. Then you can have the start page with basic six features:

  1. Junk files
  2. phone boost
  3. CPU cooler
  4. Antivirus
  5. Battery Saver
  6. notification cleaner.

In addition there are two other buttons in the upper corners: showing percentage of storage and RAM consumed percentages. In the middle of the upper part there is a notification panel which shows the junk files that you want to clear. When you scroll down further you may come up with several other functions including

  1. Message Security
  2. AppLock
  3. Clean WhatsApp
  4. Wi-Fi Security
  5. Safe Browsing
  6. Advanced Cleaning
  7. SafeConnect VPN.

Junk files

Once you click on this button there are five categories from which the junk files are deleted. They are:

1. Residual junk files deleting – these files include the files that included in the android though some apps are uninstalled from the mobile. This is very useful for the individuals who are interested in experiencing new apps that are launching. Through this option these unnecessary data/files are cleared.

2. Absolete APK files deleting – Android Package Kits (APKs). These are the files that are used when downloading or installing Apps for your Android. These files are no longer in use for the functioning of your android. But these unnecessary files occupy a considerable space in your mobile. Therefore it is a great opportunity providing by this Clean Master App by deleting these APK files.

3. Cache junk deleting – these are some of the files that are stored in your android and they look similar. They are formed by the data downloading sites and Apps.The storing places are hidden in your mobile. So deleting these files are also advantageous.

In addition there are ad junks which are also removed by this CM.

Removal of the junk files are a great option in this App. This removes almost all the junk files stored in your mobile generated by the social medias, web browsers and installed Apps.  As I mentioned earlier also if your android has junk files it may visible to you in the start page of the App. Then when you click the clean junk the App is calculating the total junk files in the Android and showed it by app wise. You can select from which App you want to delete the junk files. From this you can keep any necessary data if you want.

The removal of these junks free up the storage and the speeds up the Android. You can enjoy your new experiences with you Android without any irritation. Furthermore this App has another feature called Advanced Cleaning which provide opportunities to delete large files and rarely used Apps. When using this option you need to be more careful because some files that are needed by you will be detected as unnecessary files by this option. So, be in alert!. By removing all these junk files the Android is boosted. As well as the App cools down and battery is saved in the Android by sleeping the running apps in the mobile.  The antivirus tool in this App scan your mobile in a less time and cleans the mobile. You can even run a deep scan which will take about 2 minutes time. This scans the SD card in your device.

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