What do I do when my internal memory is full ?

Are you a person using social Medias (viber, what Sapp, Facebook, twitter, etc.) and web browsers more frequently? Then there is no doubt. Your device can be slowed and memory full unless you are using an App that will help to keep your device clean and fast.

Do you know what makes your Android to get memory full?

Get Free Storage Space

When you are using your social medias, web browsers and installing certain Apps they will generate cache and junk files in your device. These files include cache that are stored in hidden places of your device and they are inaccessible. Some files are there which are generated when we install Apps for your device. Even if you uninstall these Apps some files generated by these Apps are not deleted or removed from your device. Though these are not needed by your device any more they are there causing your device to get memory full. These files also consume considerable amount of space. So you need to remove these junk files from your device.

When you are browsing through your Google, you tube etc. lot of caches are generated and stored up in your device. So you need to remove these cache files also in order for you to have a better memory for better useful things.

In addition your device may be filled with some audios, videos, photos and some files that will be not used by you frequently. Some photos in your device may be duplicated ones, some may be blurry ones and some will not be good captures. But sometimes you may not able to spend time to find those. Think for an App that will help you to find those things by itself and ask about your opinion. Then you can select what you want and do not want and delete the ones that you do not needed anymore. This will help you to free up memories.

For all these problems here there is a one App, which is very useful ad interesting. It will help you to free up the storage by removing unnecessary files and also it boost up your device. Here is that App. Clean Master. Downloading this App is also very easy and of course it is free. You have go to your Google Play Store, Search for Clean Master, download, install and open it in your device. It is very easy to understand and use.

Clean Master finds and delete junk and cache files as I mentioned earlier also and free up your device together with boosting it.

When you open the App you can see major six features that includes in the App including above mentioned two feature cleaning junks, phone boosting, cooling your CPU, antivirus, battery saver and notification cleaner.

From most of the Apps we are receiving notifications time to time and some of them are not useful to us. And they are not in need long term. Have to remove from the device and this App helps for this removal of unwanted things by cleaning, protecting and boosting your device. So try this amazing App Clean Master soon.

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