Clean Master Antivirus Android

Clean Master Antivirus app is a unique application specially designed to clean your Android, secure it from potential threats and to boost performance at the highest possible level. The app works by improving your Android phone performance so that it can run at peak performance without being held back by unwanted apps or malware. Clean Master Antivirus Android is a well-rounded app has many built in features which are specifically designed to maintain your device and to make life easier.

Clean Master has built in Antivirus unlike most other Android junk cleaners and booster applications. It helps to save storage space that prevent you from installing another Antivirus app, improve performance by running both junk cleaning and antivirus on same app. Antivirus feature also available on CM Lite app. Clean Master Lite is designed for low end Android phones that are unable to run or install full version of Clean Master app.

Features of Clean Master Antivirus

Some special functions of this application can be listed as the clean and deep clean feature, phone booster, the security guard feature and the mobile security features. Under the guide of these main features the device of the user gets a deep clean and achieves the best of optimization.

Under the function of clean and deep clean, the device cleans all types of junk starting from cache files, duplicate images, videos, documents, system junk and junk collected from unused applications with just one convenient tap. Through the deep clean option, the this security app runs an even more thorough scan through out the device and identifies junk files left behind and deletes them to boost performance and optimization which clears out storage as well.

The booster option technology behind the Clean Master Antivirus app boosts games, power and even optimizes operations to extend the service life of the battery. The battery saver option further provides day and night options to choose as an extension of saving more power and battery in your device. This option also identifies unused applications on your phone which drains its energy and deletes them or disables them which results in carrying out optimal operation and boosting phone performance further.

The security guard option helps in securing private information and sensitive details included in your device. Much like the security guard option. The mobile security feature also secures the phone from potential threats and dangerous files. It scans websites, platforms when you log in and notifies you on potential viruses that could corrupt your device. The payment guard feature introduced under this section is another unique feature of the Antivirus section of Clean master app that secures your payment details and adds another protective layer of security in your device.

This application is also equipped with an attractive layout which increases the frequency of usage for its users. The easy and accessible design further increases the user-friendly nature of the app. The Antivirus of Clean Master has been downloaded more than millions of time from all over the world.

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