Clean Keeper – Boost Android Performance and Remove Junks

Sometimes your Android phone became work slower than before. We have to use an application to keep care of your device to work smoothly and fast. With Clean Keeper app will have faster and junk free healthy Android phone. No need to worry about slow performance and low storage space.

No Lagging and delay

Ever been frustrated with your phone lagging or even freezing when you’re about to do something super important? This is as frustrating as running out of storage just as you’re about to save an important file on your device.

These instances are obviously frustrating and makes you want to burst with anger. This is why all of us require apps to keep our devices optimized and always functioning well. No matter how top notch your device is or how much of a tech savvy person you seem to be, cleaning your device is a hassle.

Keeping note of all the apps and the files on your storage space and keeping track of your battery performance could be exhausting. This is why having a reliable app to keep your device clean and up to its performance is necessary.

With the development of technology, many apps have come into paly to serve multiple chores in your life. Delivery, banking, shopping, studying, surfing social media, you name it and there is an app that serves the purpose.

All of the unnecessary files that get collected due to these apps may clog the storage space of your device without your knowledge. However, with the Clean Keeper app by your side, you no longer have to worry about your smartphone’s performance.

Features of Clean Keeper Apk

The Clean Keeper app will offer you a range of benefits and features that will help you obtain the best performance of your android smartphone.

The app will clean out all of the cache files that are temporary and occupying all of your storage space. This way, you no longer have to compromise.

The app also comprises of a battery saver feature that will hibernate all of the apps that are currently not in use and thereby save your battery power and provide you with a long lasting one. This way, you no longer have to worry about your battery running out when you’re on the go or even while playing games or surfing the net.

The memory cleaner feature also hibernated the apps that take additional space on your RAM. This will allow you to run only the necessary and important apps on your device and save storage space on your device.

The CPU Cooler will keep analyzing your CPU’s temperature and lower it whenever your device feels like it’s turning into a furnace. This will help you enjoy hours of gaming or even just surfing on your device with no hassle whatsoever.

The proactive protection widget tool will help you monitor features and parameters of your smartphone such as its memory, temperature, and others.

The app is basically going to serve you and make you feel like you are in control of your smartphone. Worry less about its functionality and performance because with Clean Keeper, all it takes is just a few taps on your screen. Sit back and enjoy the best experience with all of what Clean Keeper app has to offer for you!

Install Clean Keeper App

This is a free Android cleaner and booster app like Clean master. There are many such applications like NOX Cleaner, Phone Master, CCleaner, AVG Cleaner, etc. You can install this application directly from Google Play Store. Click below direct download link using your Android phone.

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