One Security – Android Antivirus and Junk Cleaner

One of the best Android Antivirus app that protect your devices from malwares, viruses, fake apps, fraud apps, junk files, corrupted files and more. Helps to protect your personal data and privacy.

Take care of your phone

Care, Maintenance and Protection goes hand in hand for anything that’s been used. Without this chain been paid attention to, everything would go wrong over time. Hence the smartphone that has become part of our lives need to be Cared, Maintained and Protected.

Here’s an App that has become popular like hot cakes. The One Security App it is.

Features of One Security App

Here is a brief summery of its features brought about using the most modern technology.


The App’s built in Anti-malware protection system will work tirelessly 24/7 to ensure the smartphone is best protected against malicious software or malware. It will scan-detect-remove any malware from the device.


Will intelligently scan to detect all junk. It will scan Cache that stores information referred to as cache files. These files can cause overloading and can become corrupt thereby having an adverse impact on the working of the smartphone. Because of this the cache need periodical cleaning to overcome these issues. Be assured One Security App’s Junk Cleaner feature will take care of all these issues.


Viruses intrude to our personal devices be it smartphone, tab or computer. Cyber criminals are well noted for creation of these viruses. Online frauds create viruses. Viruses also can get in through Apps that are installed. APK files could also spread viruses. If any of these viruses, by any chance gets into a device would be disastrous. With all powerful Antivirus functioning all the time will offer comprehensive protection to the smartphone keeping all of the viruses at bay.


Signal strength is vital to enhance the data speed and quality of calls. With a tap to activate the Phone Boost feature which will do the necessary to maintain the said functions in the most optimal manner.


The battery is the heartbeat of the smartphone. Even if all of the other functions of the device work without a blemish and the battery doesn’t support with sufficient power the other functions are as good as dead. Not to worry – The Battery Saver in the App will do the needful to close App’s that are running in the background but not been used. It will also organize Apps, Programs and the likes in an order based on the frequency of their use.

CPU Cooler

Smartly detect any Apps that cause overheating. Take high memory usage. It will take appropriate measures to close such apps and fix the problem. CPU COOLER will always make sure the right temperature is maintained at all times and prevent disastrous overheating also supplementing the battery’s life to prolong.ONE SECURITY APP’s intelligent, well designed smart features taking care of every aspect of the smartphone, be it the cache, viruses, battery, temperature, phone boost and the likes will leave the users of the smartphone well contented with no worries about their favorite smartphone’s maintenance and protection. And thanks to the ONE SECURITY APP the users could relax with their smartphones and keep enjoying all of its contents to the max.

Download One Security App

This is a free Android Antivirus and performance booster application. You can easily download and install application directly using your default app store. First open Google play store and go to search. Then type “One Security”. You will see this application appear on search results while typing. Select and install. If not click below download link using your Android phone to install directly on your phone.

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