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Avast Antivirus APK

Having an antivirus tool is a must on all your Androids. Because there is definitely a risk of foreign malwares attacks on our Androids when you are using it for our day today needs. There is a higher possibility of invasions by malwares when we are browsing the internet, downloading some apps and etc. So, it is a must to protect your device from these unwanted files attacking you. Preventing their attacks or blocking them is the best thing you can do to secure your device and data. Having antivirus tool is the best option you can select. There are thousands of antivirus tools you can find in any App market. From them you better give a try to Avast Antivirus. You may find it quite useful than the similar other apps when securing your device.

This is a dedicate Android anti-virus apk. You may seen that many Android cleaners like clean master, Bee Booster, CCleaner has built in virus scanner. Having a dedicated virus scanner is good. But in other hand it require storage space, RAM and other resources to work. Having all the optimization features in one application like clean master helps to save storage. Clean Master app does not available on your play store. Instead you can try NOX Cleaner, AVG Cleaner, Phone master, CClear via play store app.

Android Virus Guard

This is basically an antivirus app. Together with its antivirus feature there are many more other incredible services providing by this app. These includes anti-theft feature, photo vault, app lock, junk cleaning, RAM boosting and many more. This acts as an allrounder which is protecting and optimizing your Android device. You can enjoy all these features freely thanks to this app Avast Antivirus.

Key features of Avast Antivirus

Acts as a powerful antivirus tool- the app scans for all sort of malware, spyware, trojans and many more hazardous files instantly inside the Android and fix them very easily and quickly. Also, it can identify the foreign risky files trying to invade you when downloading new apps and browsing through the web and prevent you from accessing these harmful files and block them. This provides the maximum security against any type of malware trying to harm your Android.

Privacy protector- the app definitely aids you in protecting your privacy. If you have Avast Antivirus with you, you can be sure that you are safe. You can hide your private photos in a separate folder without making others to snoop. Also, if you want to lock any app with a password then you can do its so. Plus, you can be sure that your online privacy is protected thanks to this app. The app protects you from the unknow threats from the public WI-FI connections and so on.

Cleaning your device- the app also acts as a cleaner app. All the junks files: unwanted files can be removed from your Android very easily and quickly using this app. Helps to have a smoothly performing Android if you have this.

Also, this helps to optimize the RAM leading your Android to functional in optimal conditions.

Above listed only some of the key features regarding the app Avast Antivirus. Can relish all the benefits on your own if you hurry and download the app.

Download Avast Antivirus

Do not use third party app stores or websites to download mobile virus guard like Avast. It is because you are installing app to protect your device. Therefore always make sure you are install this app from trusted sources only. Best and only safest way to use Google play store.

Open Google play store and search “avast”. You will see this application appear on search results. Select it and install. Simple and easy.

Size:3.3 MB
Downloads:100 Million Plus
Ratings:4.7 Stars
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