AVG AntiVirus – Free Android Security App

Is protecting your phone is an issue? Still not with a suitable solution to protect your Android phone from all known and unknown threats? Then you must try this wonderful protecting agent. AVG AntiVirus. The best-known antivirus and protecting tool you can have on your Android phone too. Millions of downloads all over the world proves that this is the best protector you can have for your Android. this surely protects you from every possible threat that you could face.

About AVG AntiVirus

This can identify simply as an antivirus app. But there are many more other security functions performing by this nice tool. If you have this app with you, you can be sure that you are fully protected. Plus, this is a free app. Though this is free no ads are here. You may love the features of this app a lot at the very moment you start to use it. You may find it pretty advantageous and also cheap.

Features of the app AVG AntiVirus

The best antivirus tool

The app scan for each and every malicious harmful file on your device and remove them effectively making your device cleaner and more protective. This blocks unsafe websites. Also, this scans your network including public networks and WI-FI for threats and block them nicely. Own this and be confident when you are browsing the internet and when connecting to the other WIFI networks. This blocks all harmful threats reaching you.

Antitheft property

If you have this AVG AntiVirus no need to worry more about losing your phone. Or sometimes it may get stolen. But with this app your phone is more secure and also you can find it very easily. Once your phone is lost you can view the current location of the device using google maps as well as if you want you can take photos of the one having it now or trying to use it. And also, if you want you can make your phone to siren. Moreover, you can lock your phone also. So, this is a nice app to keep with all of us to stay at ease.

Privacy protection

The app definitely plays a great role in protecting your privacy. You can lock the most important or the private data containing apps very easily using a password. Easily you can prevent the access of others to your private and confidential data. This also gives you a VPN security as well.

Protecting from hackers

This easily warn and protect you from the hackers who are trying to peep inside. You can get each and every information about data leakages happened in the past as well as now.

Here are only few features regarding the app AVG Antivirus. Better to try it and feel the safety.

Download AVG Antivirus APK

Normally AVG Cleaner and AVG Antiviruses application are used as bundle to clean and to have protection. Click here to download AVG Cleaner apk. There other many Android cleaners with both features in one application like clean master, NOX Cleaner, etc.

You can install this free Android antivirus application directly from Google play store for free. Click below link using your Android phone to install.

Size:40.7 MB
Ratings:4.6 stars
Downloads:100 Million plus

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  1. I was really worried that viruses entered my phone. Cannot open notifications, camera app crashes frequently and more. Thank this this antivirus all most all the problems fixed except few minor issues.


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