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Does your Android phone drains battery so quickly? In other words does it say battery low every time you hold your phone? There are many reasons for that. This article for Android users who loses charge so quickly even battery health is so good. Some third party batteries or much older batteries loses it charge so quickly. It is the nature of those batteries.

There are many new Android phones that had good batteries, but loses its charge so quickly. Let’s drive deep and find solutions. Most common issue is having many unwanted applications and games. You may think that how having many applications and games affect battery health since they are never open or rarely open. All most all Android apps has background services to push updates, notifications, news and more.

Even apps that rarely open apps uses phone resources too. There may be malicious applications that run even without using the phone. Finding them and deleting those applications are not easy. There are many applications to help you. Those tools can show how often you use them, size of storage that app take and other metrics to decide whether you want to keep it or not.

Having junks too affect battery health. If you get messages like storage full, memory full or such messages having same meaning, then you may experience sever battery drain problems. Your internal storage may collected with junks that eat your storage space. You may experience that deleting media files, apps and other important files does not free-up expected space. That is due to junks. Use tools like Clean Master to clean junk files like caches, residuals from updates, residuals from uninstalled apps, unused app data, redundant backups, and more.

Features of Battery Saver

Battery Saver APK

You can download this application directly from play store for free. Search battery saver and you will see this application on search results. If not click here to try clean master apk. Battery saver apk comes with many other features other than increasing phone battery time.

Cleaning Junks – Quickly remove junks files on internal storage that slow down your phone.

Device Speedup – You can use this feature to speed your phone. Quickly closes all opened apps and background processors that you cannot close manually to provide resources for your current application. That helps to run your current application at max speed.

Battery Saver – Block or close apps heavy power draining apps to reduce battery heating.

Charging tone – You can set tone or alarm when battery power is low. It helps to charge phone before shutdown. Set beep or tone when phone is full charge to prevent over charging and other issues.

Above listed only few features of this application. Feel free to leave your ideas on comments.

Download Android Battery Saver App

Does your Android phone battery dies quickly? Then use this battery saving application on your phone for longer phone usage time. Best Android battery saver that is available for free. Follow below mention procedure to install using play store.

  1. Open Play Store application.
  2. Go to search and type “battery saver”.
  3. You will see search results like below picture. Select correct application.
Android battery Saver Download
  1. Now click on “Install” to begin installation.

If you find it difficult to find this app using play store click below link using your Android phone to open installation page.

Size:5.4 MB
Downloads:10 Million plus
Ratings:4.2 Stars

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  1. Genuinely save my battery life than others. My phone run slower with fewer apps. All I need is good battery time.


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