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How to protect your privacy after unlocking and handing over to another person. You can do that easily with AppLock Android app. This app provide all the features required to lock gallery, SMS, Calls, Photos, Apps, Games and more. Lock whatever the setting or app you want. Need to unlock each and every app after unlocking the phone. Unlocking the phone will not unlock or give access to those apps.

Security of a Smartphone

Where valuables are stored, it is natural and obvious that max security should prevail for their safety. A bank would be an example. Let’s focus on a smartphone. A smartphone is acclaimed, as one of a major development of this century. With its usage and popularity all round the world, this claim cannot be denied.

A smartphone will serve personally and officially. Social media, banking, email, notepad, SMS, photos, videos. Sure, have missed out on mentioning all, as its features are too many to mention all. And the most amazing.  All of these features, compacted into an unbelievable mobile device that could be accommodated in one’s pocket or handbag, and carried by hand with ease.

Imagine the worst. Your smartphone falling into the hands of a thief. Un imaginable harm would befall. Even with a password or any other security protection, modern day hackers have the technical ability to access a smartphone. All is not doomed. The AppLock – Lock apps & Password app has been developed to give the best all round protection to the apps in a smartphone like no other. Continuing a brief on its main functions and features as follows.

Features of AppLock Android

Provides two main locking features. By Pin or Pattern. Pin lock is with a random keyboard. Pattern lock features some attractive themes that will provide enhanced satisfaction. Further, no one else except the smartphone user will figure out that it is a locking icon. Pattern lock is easier and faster. However, both are equally effective. Now apply any of these locks to the messaging apps, photos, videos, commercial apps like banking, emails, documents, calendar and note pad of the likes.

We all know the importance of settings in our smartphones. If any of the settings change got to reset. To set as done previously is quite cumbersome. Not to worry, AppLock will safeguard all of pre-set settings. Kids playing games on the smartphone wouldn’t be a concern anymore with the safety of the settings.

With the AppLock, parental control comes about automatically, with locking of apps that are not suitable for kids. Hide the AppLock icon disguising it with a separate image, like a photo or inserting a camera. With this even the smartest of an intruder will be at a lost trying to access apps in the smartphone.

With Lock time mode, set apps to open up at the set times you want. And to offer the easiest way the AppLock features One Tap activation to lock all apps.

Users of this super marvelous app the, protective AppLock – Lock apps & Password app have nothing to worry. If a close friend or an office associate request to borrow your smartphone for a while you don’t need to sound rude by making excuses for not lending. Because with AppLock in your smartphone nothing’s going to go wrong even by mistake with its comprehensive protection. Why wait? Why takes a chance? Go along with AppLock and be safe and protected at all times.

Install AppLock for Android

This is a free Android app locking tool that is readily available for all Android phones and tablets via Play Store. There are many apps that provide app locker feature with extra features like Junk cleaning, Battery booster, performance booster, etc. Clean Master and NOX Cleaner are some of those apps that has many features in one app. You can try those with this app too. Click below download link using your Android phone to install.

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