Best Android app protection tool that can hide or lock apps when you are using the phone or unlocked. Confidently unlock and handover your phone with Applock by locking all your private apps and settings including Photos, Videos, Gallery, SMS, Contacts and more. Support pin, Fingerprint, pattern, crash screen and more.

Busy with Phone

Recently a news clip reported the following, in a school assembly which was open to questions and answers, a teacher had asked the students to give a brief answer on the most seen activity most people are busy with. Up went the hands of many students. The teacher gave an opportunity to each student to answer. And the answer of the majority was “Busy with their mobile phones” And this is a fact that cannot be denied.

Yes, a smartphone has become a common personal accessory to people all over the world. And knowing the amazing features in it, that gives an amazing wide service to its users, proves its immense popularity. A device of this magnitude got to be working well, just the same way as our breath. Sure, all of the smartphone users will agree whole heartedly that without their smartphones, they will be as good as been dead. Agree.

We will be lost without it. To prove this, have heard many times members of a household asking, “Have you taken your phone?” when leaving home. And such a device deserves the best care it could get. For this, is a smart app popular the world over. AppLock App it is. Mention below,  is a summary of its modern features.

Features of AppLock Apk

All of the features like the camera, audio, email of the likes in the smartphone are installed by their individual app’s. These have to be well protected. AppLock offers protection by Fingerprint, Pin, Pattern modes. All of these are equally safe.

The Crash Screen mode will notify if a fatal system error occurs. Many intrusions are heard of. As many official information is stored along with confidential personal information, intrusions can be for commercial motives or just nosing around for personal reasons.

With AppLock’s Intruder selfie feature, it will automatically capture anyone trying to force enter your smartphone. No better way of identifying all of those intruders. With Lock notification feature, lock any of the notices meant exclusive for the user and cut off any risk of seeing by any other even accidentally. With the Fake crash feature, fool anyone to believe that the smartphone has crashed.

Another well thought, smart idea. Hide the AppLock App icon. Disguise it with another from the gallery. Camera icon, Messenger Icon, Audio anyone of your choice. No one will ever know you got the smartest protection app the AppLock App in your smartphone. Lock the recent app used page, so that nobody could refer to its details. Need not have just one Lock for all. Apply a combination of locks, Pin, Pattern, Fingerprint  offered by AppLock, to different apps and ensure more safety and complexity.

With AppLock App’s, super features and modes will ensure the ultimate protection and security. It will fool the smartest of hackers and intruders like no other. Have no doubt. Give your most valuable and trusted personal companion, your smartphone the best it deserves. Don’t think twice. Go for the AppLock App right away for all benefits!

Download AppLock Apk

This is a free Android App locking tool available for free. You can easily download and install this AppLock apk using Google play store. No need to search any where else. First open play store application and go to search. Then type “AppLock”. You will see this application on search results. If you find it difficult, just click below link using your Android phone to install.

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