AppLock Go – Lock your Photos and Gallery Android

Are you handing over your phone to others after unlocking like children, wife, husband, parents and etc.? It is hard to protect your privacy after that. Don’t worry. Use AppLock Go apk to lock everything you want after unlocking. Lock your SMS, Messaging App, Social media apps, Photos, Gallery, Contacts, Settings and etc. with Fingerprint, Pattern, Pin or password.

To provide comprehensive safety and protection to that indispensable smart device, be it a smartphone, Tab, Computer, is a smart app. AppLock Go: Gallery Lock it is. Here are some of its main and important functions along with its modern super features. Internal apps that provide a variety of services can be individually locked. Many modes of locking are featured. Lock them with Fingerprint, password, or a pattern.

Features of AppLock Go APK

Apply them for protection and privacy of the photo/video gallery, SMS, contacts, social media, messenger and likewise apps.

With the apps super setting mode, users can hide any incoming calls that they do not wish to be disturbed with. Locking the contacts enables the best of privacy to the users.

Hide all of the photos/images and videos by locking its gallery. The user can view them from the video and photo vault.

The AppLock app, has a unique random keyboard easy to use. The pattern lock is invisible. Any user of a personal smart device needs a share of privacy. Snapchat features a wide selection of content. Many users prefer some of them to be very private and confidential. No better way than by locking it with the AppLock Go.

Most note pads in a smart device contains confidential official and personal information and details. No way can they be risked been accessed unauthorized. Simply lock the Notepad.

By locking email keep all of them to yourself. Currently one most popular method of making payments is through bank apps in one’s smart device. Without trusted security such apps can be vulnerable. No worries, with the AppLock Go App this threat is no more real.

This app offers Intruder Selfie. With this feature, anyone meddling with the smart device trying to access without the authentic password will be auto photographed.

Create confusion at its best. Camaflouge the AppLock Go App icon on the home screen. Example, set a camera, calculator, any other image to represent AppLock Go App icon. Wow!

Can security protection get any better? No way. But the app doesn’t seem to be convinced. Look at this. With the Fake Crash feature, if any intruder tries to access into any of the smart device’s app’s a fake notification will appear indicating that the app has crashed, thus hoodwinking, and deterring such attempts. The last laugh will be with the smart device’s user. And with just one tap either enable or disable the AppLock app.

Never again that often happening of the settings getting messed up when your kid gets hold of your smart device and involve themselves playing games. A smart device cannot be protected and secured any better than with the widest range of features offered by the super innovative AppLock Go Gallery Lock.

With the best of privacy assured by the AppLock app take away all of the worry and anxiety. Enjoy the freedom of using your favorite personal smart device the way it is meant to be and enjoy a peace of mind at ease.

Install AppLock Go on Android

AppLock go is a Android app locker that support Fingerprint locking. Many Android app lockers does not support Fingerprint option. You can easily download and install this app directly from Google play store. You can click below download link using your Android phone to open download link.

There are many app lockers with extra features like Antivirus, Junk Cleaner, Battery saver and more. They are Clean Master, AVG Cleaner, NOX Cleaner, etc. You can try those tools for free.

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