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How is the functioning of your Android now? Is it super-fast or is it slow? Or is it having huge disk space or less storage space? If your device is slow and having low storage space then you can take some measures to be free from these conditions. The simplest measure is having a cleaner for your Android. From diverse cleaner app you can select the Android File Cleaner as one of the best apps that aids in cleaning your device.

Why we should have File Cleaner?

Sometimes you may not aware about the fact that an Android with so many unwanted files gets slower and slower with the time. As well having so many unwanted big files reduces your storage space that can use to store some important things. If you cannot download your favorite videos, or any other file then by using File Cleaner you can have an opportunity to clean your Android like a Clean Master well making space for your needed things.

What the File Cleaner does?

As mentioned already the first and the most important task carrying out by this cool app is cleaning your device.

Cleaning junks

In every Android with the time the junk files get accumulates. These junk files do not help for the continuous functioning of the Android as they are using temporary by the Android processes. So, there is no doubt, you can be free from all the junk files. freeing from these junk files is a must if you like to see a properly functioning device.

The best way to clean your Android is to have File Cleaner. The app senses all the junk files stored there in the Android within just few seconds and delete them forever. Here no need to worry about loosing important files. Because the app scans for only all the junk files including cache files, cookies, residual files etc.

Finding large files

In addition to cleaning the Android the app finds all the large files in the device. It lets you know which file consumes most from your storage space. If you don’t want these high storage space consuming apps you can be free from those files very easily without following a difficult process.

App manger

The app also helps you to manage your app very easily. You can sort your files according to the size, date or name. moreover, this aids you in editing or creating TXT files. You can mange all your apps in the device.

If you want to have a clean and a tidy appearance in your Android too, then you have to download this cool and nice app in your Android as well. You will find many more alternatives like NOX CleanerCCleaner and more.

Download File Manager and Junk Cleaner

Manage your files using this File Manager and use its junk cleaning feature to remove all unwanted files automatically. You can manually select and remove large unwanted files using this File Manager app. Click below download link using your Android phone to install File Manager and Junk Cleaner app.

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