CCleaner APK

Name:CCleaner APK
Last Updated:07 July, 2021
Requirements:Android 4.4 and up

Clean your Android phone without factory resetting. Clean all junk and cache files. Get rid of all hidden junk and cache files. You can easily hibernate rarely used apps and free up more RAM. This app need more permissions than other apps since this app requires to access restricted areas on your phone to find junk and cache files.

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CCleaner Features

Many Android phones does not have external storage or SD card support. With time your download folder, images, videos and many more get collected. Backup older images and videos to your computer. By doing that you will get significant space. Because videos longer than 1 minute may have few Gigabytes in size. So removing music videos you can free more space by removing your recorded video files. You can use above tool to remove hard to remove and find files. For example temporary files create by apps and games. Cache files created by web browsers and games. There are system level temporary files. Those temporary files are created by Android system for different purposes like updating Android version and etc.

For other devices and tutorials

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  1. Make sure to keep only useless things on downloads folder. It wipe downloads folder to free storage space.


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