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Super Clean Master is one of the best Android cleaner with booster. This app comprises of many features to keep your Android faster, secure and smooth all the time. Include features like junk cleaner, Memory booster, phone cooling, notification cleaner, app manager, etc. You can use all those features for free.

It’s obvious that all smartphone users will look around to give their favorite device the best of care bringing in the right maintenance. With pleasure like to introduce the master of all cleaning apps. It is the Super Clean Master apk.

Here is a summary of the app’s main master features and modes.

Features of Super Clean Master App

The uniqueness of Super Clean app has clearly demarcated Junk and Trash. Thereby very clearly actioning its processes with no mix up and confusion in the cleaning process. Junk cleaning – When apps are installed in the smartphone, files are created automatically. They remain until cleaned. If not will add to junk collection.

Clean Master app will take action to remove these junk files without causing any obstruction to the using of the smartphone. One Tap will make all features of the app to work. Simple but amazing. Users of smartphones know how frustrating it is when the working speed is slow. This will eat into lot of valuable time most people fall short of.

App’s Speed Booster will make the widest view possible with the maximum frame fitting in and shedding the best brightness. Will do the necessary to clean up the RAM by removing unused apps in the background. Will also clean unused data. All of these collective actions will keep the smartphone working at acceptable speeds.

All smartphone users know only too well how important the battery is. The smartphone will not breathe normally without adequate power. So will the users. Not to worry the Super Clean Master apk will stop apps unnecessarily draining battery power to optimize battery life.

To maintain that ideal temperature and to prevent deadly overheating, app’s CPU Cooler will sense any function with unacceptable heat generation. It will do all what is required to take corrective action to bring the situation to acceptable limits.

Cache – Stores information that makes the apps and web browser use to speed performance. This information referred to as cached files can become corrupt or overloaded thereby impacting on the performance. Hence cache need to be cleaned periodically to overcome these issues. Super Clean app’s Cache Cleaner feature will attend to this most effectively and efficiently.  

With the Notifications Cleaner and Manager feature put all notifications on the silent mode. This will ensure absolute non disturbance to the users. After viewing them at convenience delete them. Optimize storage by cleaning duplicate/unused photos, music, videos, documents the likes with the Storage Optimizer and Cleaner feature.

All of the functions that are taken care of by this outstanding Super Clean Master of Cleaner app are equally important functions. The reason, why the app has paid detailed attention to one and all in equal terms to dish out the best of care and maintenance to the smartphone.

No wonder millions of this wonderful app users worldwide are a fully satisfied lot. If you haven’t got this into your trusted and inseparable personal device why not? Your smartphone deserves the best maintenance app to be its best companion.

Install Super Clean master Apk

This a junk cleaning and performance booster application like NOX Cleaner, AVG Cleaner or CCleaner. You can easily download and install this application using Google play store.

  1. Open Google play store
  2. Go to search and type “Super clean master”.
  3. You will see this app on search results. Select it.
  4. Now click on “install” to begin installation.

If not click below link using your Android phone to install.

Install Now

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