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Most Android users does not know how to get rid of bad or spam notifications that appear frequently. Most of those notifications are spam notifications push via chrome, apps, web browsers and more. You may accidently subscribe for those spam notifications while on the web. You can use Spam Shield to block all those spam notifications.

Spam Notifications

It is indeed nothing surprising to mention that almost all of us use our mobile phones on a daily basis for more than 12 hours of screen time per week. This is due to all of the amazing apps that serve different purposes on your device. From banking, to shopping, to studying, to having virtual meetings, to ordering food and groceries to your doorstep, all of these have special apps designed to serve their purpose.

This is why our smartphones have become one of the most important devices in the modern society. It is also known by us all that maintaining your smartphone for the best functionality of it is mandatory. We all have also faced the frustration of spam notifications and other annoying messages popping up on your screen.

This is why the all new Spam Shield – Block Spam app has been developed to allow all its users to experience smooth user experience on their android devices. You can block any malicious and suspicious notifications from your notification bar and even your notification history so that you will be well away from all of those unnecessary spams.

Features of Spam Shield App

The app will guarantee safety and satisfaction away from frustration when using your smart device all thanks to the amazing features on the app.

Spam notifications can also affect the performance and functionality of your device while slowing it down, resulting in your phone lagging. But don’t you worry because the app will act as a spam shield and take care of all these annoying spam notifications on your device by just blocking them from its advanced and intelligent system.

Installing this app will ensure your safety, security, and also keep you sway from frustration and will indeed keep you calm!

The app also helps you to not be disturbed by any of these unnecessary notifications. Even in the midst of an important call, meeting, study session, playing games, shopping, or just no matter what you are doing on your device. You also absolutely do not need to keep track of when the app needs to be activated or keep using it every time you need to block these spam notifications.

The system functions 24/7, so all you got to do is just simply activate the app and keep using your device with no worries whatsoever. the app is also extremely lite and therefore, you also do not need to compromise your battery power and its life. The app is super-efficient and will serve the purpose just right.

The app is also absolutely safe because these notifications will only be stored on your phone, and you do not need to worry about them getting out there. So, if you are looking for the perfect ‘do not disturb’ board for your phone or device, the pam Shield Block notifications app will do it for you. Keep using the app and stay away from getting disturbed from all the unnecessary notifications on your device. Stay calm and keep using Spam-Shield! 

Install Android Notification blocker

This is one of the Android notification blocker and spam detector available for free. This Spam Shield App developed mainly for that purpose. There are many Android boosters and junk cleaners that has more functions including notification blocking. For example Clean Master, NOX Cleaner, Phone Master has junk cleaning, Performance booster, App Locker, Spam Filter and more for free.

Click below download link using your Android phone to install Android spam blocker.

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  1. My first review about this app. This app does pretty good job blocking spam notifications and calls. Good work creator.


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