Photo Cleaner – Clean Master

Clean Master is an Android cleaning and optimizing app. This application offers number of tool to clean and boost performance of your Android phone. Photo cleaner is one such tool. Photo cleaning feature is particularly useful for freeing up storage space and keeping your photo library organized.

Importance of Cleaning up Your Android Photo Library:

Over time, our phones tend to accumulate a large number of photos. These files can take up a significant amount of storage space on your device, which can slow down its performance. Additionally, having too many photos can make it difficult to find the ones you need, leading to clutter and confusion.

Sometimes you will capture many photos to get perfect shot of a scene. You will forget to delete those out of focus or blurry images. As a result half of your image gallery is full of unwanted images or duplicate photos. Removing those blurry or unperfect shots to get more storage space.

How to Use Clean Master for Photo Cleaning

To start cleaning up your photo library, download and install Clean Master. Once installed, launch the app and tap on the “Photo Cleaner” icon.

Clean Master will scan your device for all photos and display them in a list. Then it categories blurry photos in to a separate list. You can then select photos you want to delete, and Clean Master will remove them from your device. It also show storage space used by other photos on your gallery. Check for unwanted or duplicate images. Select and remove them.

Optimizing Device Performance

Most low-end and used or old Android phones struggle to open Gallery. When the number of images on the gallery increases, it takes lots of performance and time to load. Removing all unwanted images, blurry images and duplicates helps to load gallery quickly.


Clean Master is an excellent app for cleaning up and optimizing your Android device. Its photo cleaner feature is particularly useful for freeing up storage space and keeping your photo library organized. If you’re looking for a straightforward and effective way to clean up your Android device, Clean Master is worth checking out.

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