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We can call the NOX cleaner by many names. That is one of the best Android phone cleaner, booster, optimizer. This version support other platforms like Windows 7,8,9 and the mac OS. So you can use one cleaning software that you trust on all of your devices for free. Nox Cleaner is the best cleaning app that exists. Below you can see direct download links to official play store and APK files.

Name:NOX Cleaner
Requirement:Android 4.4 and up
Installs:50,000,000 +
Last Updated:02nd August, 2022

Features of NOX Cleaner

This tool has many free features. Below mention only few main features that you may be interested in. In order to find all those cool features you can download this tool from above download links for free.

RAM and game boosting

This app is affecting the clutter as the RAM booster, game booster, and the cache files. The above activity causes the optimization of your device. Both the ways of the speed as well. As the performance. If you have selected this already your choice and the decision is the best decision. 

By this app, you can keep your mobile phone or the device safe from the privacy threat. Also, make sure to free your games from high ping. By cleaning the unnecessary files your battery can last long. If the temperature is so high it can get down by a minute. The blur photos can be cleaned too. 

Cache cleaning

Those are some main features of Nox cleaner. Now we will see the capabilities of the Nox cleaner. Usually, junk files cause a slow down of the device. Those will be deleted by the above app. You can get more space in your device by the removal of the cache files in the messenger and WhatsApp. Only a single touch was needed. 

Nox cleaner ‘s game booster allows you to play your favorite game very fast. That is lag-free and a totally smooth way. The above will help you to protect your device from harmful software. Also, this will help to fix the problems with battery life allowing to extend the power of the battery. Your device might be heavy with the RAM. From a small-time, you can make your device lighter. Nox cleaner can be identified as an app manager too. It will analyze the used and unused apps. We can remove the unnecessary apps too. Plus it works as an image manager and app locker where you can keep your data safe. 

Good for your battery health

To use this app you don’t need to supply your personal data and all other data is safe according to the privacy policies. 

According to the users, this is a helpful cleaning application with the total optimization of their own devices. Most of the people use it daily in order to protect the battery health of the device. Also, it will be a really useful app to the gamers for an experience of great feeling. If you didn’t get this app until now please try it.

NOX Cleaner for PC

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