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Hibernation Manager is purely developed to increase phone usage time by hibernating apps and background process. This app does pretty good job to increase phone usage time. You can save battery power using this app for free. Try now.


Any activity can not be continued without a break. Just about anything. Think!  Can any human continuously drive a vehicle?  Can a teacher continuously teach? Can a swimmer continuously swim ? Can an employee continuously work ?  Answer is a definite No!  

All of the people engaged in these will definitely breakdown without a break in between. Also, the quality will take a blow as a result of prolong continuation. And the focus would be Hibernation here.

Hibernation is a state of inactivity. It provides all that important break to activities of an electronic or similar gadget/appliance/device whatever they may be referred to as. 

Let’s narrow down our focus to a smartphone. Been one of a most popular and widely used personal devices all over the world we all know its importance and value. A smartphone once switched on continues to work almost endlessly.  To state that it is live 24/364 will not be an inaccurate and an invalid statement. The very reason that they should be given rightful breaks referred to as Hibernation.

Performing up to all expectations to do the needful is the wonderfully designed Hibernation Manager App brought before you. Here’s it’s amazing actions that will keep one’s smartphone freshened up to boost its good working order.

Features of Hibernation Manager Apk

Hibernate the CPU. CPU is the brain of the smartphone. CPU intelligently controls all functions such as software updates, widgets updates etc. and ensures they work the way they should, by auto setting the working frequency to acceptable lowest levels. This paves way to longer battery life of the smartphone, even when the smartphone is not in use.

When screen is “off” this app will auto start to hibernate apps thus saving all battery power. And when screen is “on” again hibernation will stop automatically. To make it easy the app has the feature to enable Hibernation to all settings. With this mode only the current work settings can be made to hibernate. Applying Hibernation to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile data will save internet costs. Hibernation Manager uses less power than the sleep mode. Again, less battery drain.

Hibernation serves well when the smartphone is not in use for long times and do not have an opportunity for recharging the battery. It does not make any sense for the resources of the smartphone be consumed when not in use. This will bring about avoidable costs and even mal functioning of the smartphone’s features due to continuous working. So, it’s high time to put a stop to this.

Sure, as smartphone users very little thought and attention would have been paid to the aspect of Hibernation. With this brief and reading through it, by now the importance and the vital role hibernation plays must have caught the due attention of all.  With the Hibernation Manager App put all due functions to good sleep now and give the best break they deserve.

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This is a free Android app hibernation app that is available on Google play store for free. There are many such applications with many more features including this feature. NOX Cleaner app, Clean Master app, Phone Master, AVG Cleaner are some of those Android optimizers that improve battery performance, increase phone storage and more. Click below link using your Android phone to install this app for free.

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  1. I put more than 3/4 of apps to hibernate on sleep. Normally battery drops about 2% to 3% maximum compared to 10% to 15% without this app.


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