Fast Cleaner-Booster & Cleaner

Fast Cleaner-Booster & Cleaner is a Android junk remover and performance booster application like Clean Master. Like all other Android cleaners and boosters this application too has all the features like Junk Cleaner, CPU Cooler, Cache Cleaner, Speed Booster and etc. There are so many features to mention. Install and check them all.

Importance of having a faster and smooth phone

It’s high time to treat your smartphone like it deserves it. Almost all of our daily chores are binded with the usage of our smartphones. You might be paying some bills, doing some shopping, studying, working, or even listening to music or playing games. No matter what your chore is, your smartphone is a mandatory tool for your survival.

Smartphones have undoubtedly become the one most important assets of our life. Therefore, taking care of it, like it deserves is in the hands of its owner. Need your phone to function as good as new, keeping up with its speed and away from bugs?

Well, here’s the real deal, ‘Fast Cleaner’, a booster and cleaner brought to you by powerd dev team is up and about for all android users. You no longer have to see those annoying warnings of running out of storage space or even your phone heating up like a furnace. One touch of Fast Cleaner on your smartphone, and you’ll see how wonderful and brand new it can make your phone feel!

Features of Fast Cleaner-Booster & Cleaner

The app comprises of Cache cleaner that will get rid of all unnecessary files that clogs up your memory in your smartphone. With all of the social media apps on our smartphones, it’s obvious that we cannot keep track of all the files, cache, media that gets saved automatically on our phones.

But with Fast Cleaner, just as the name suggests, you can clean them out super-fast with no hassle whatsoever. The speed and memory booster feature on the app will allow users to speed their phone’s performance. So all important and urgent work can be performed at ease.

The memory booster will help you save as much as you want on your smartphone and no more running out of storage space.

The CPU Cooler will get rid of the apps that make your phone heat up like a furnace and cool it down while saving your battery power. So, now you can play games, videos and whatever you want without running out of your battery.

You can also go ahead and save more battery with the battery saver mode that will stop apps from running in your phone’s background and extend your battery life.

You can browse anywhere on the internet absolutely safely while deleting your history with no trace whatsoever!

Honestly, what more can you ask for? All of these incredible features pack into one smart app that will make your life easy as ever. You can now increase your productivity with your good as new super-fast smartphone. Stop worrying about clearing up storage space or charging your phone constantly or finding safe ways to browse the web. Make life easy and convenient with your favorite Fast Cleaner! 

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  1. I am using this app for a long period of time. All the updates are stable and no issues at all. Working perfectly fine.


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