Cool Cleaner – For Faster and Healthy phone

This is an effective Android tool that offers many tools to make your phone faster and safe. Cool Cleaner comes with CPU Cleaner, Memory booster, Junk cleaner and many more free tools to boost any Android phone performance with one click.

This application does not receive any positive comments according to recent reviews. If you are not satisfied with this application, you can use Clean Master. Which is the most popular and effective Android cleaning tool.

Importance of a Healthy phone

You and I both are aware that our mobile phones are one of the most important assets in our lives. Especially in the modern world, if someone asks you what you’d save in a room full of fire, what would you say? I’m pretty sure most of us would want our smartphones to be safe. Ever wondered why? This is because almost all our life is in there.

We no longer have to remember anyone’s phone number since it’s already stored on the smartphone. The necessity of reminders, alarms, birthday’s, shopping, food delivery, studying, working, any many more daily chores depend on the single most important tool of our life, our smartphone.

Technology has developed so much that we can simply just link our smartphones to our heartbeat and obtain pulse. This is why keeping your smartphone safe is mandatory at all costs.

All of your sensitive data, the functionality of your phone, speed, battery life, all of these criteria’s are essential but can be super exhausting to conquer. But what if I tell you, Cool Cleaner app can achieve all of the above in just a matter of seconds. Yes, you heard me right. On one single platform.

Cool Cleaner APK for Android

This app is a junk cleaner, phone booster, CPU cooler, battery saver, an app locker, anti-virus, and an app locker all in one! What more can you simply be looking for?

You know all of those unwanted files that keep clogging up your memory and is also responsible for slowing down the performance of your phone? Well, high time to get rid of all that junk.

The junk cleaner feature of the app will clean out all cache, ads, obsolete trash, and all other junk files that make your phone lag and run out of storage. The phone booster will make your phone function as good as new in just a single tap.

Enough of your phone feeling like a furnace. The CPU Cooler on the app will stop all apps that are responsible for overheating your device and cool down your smartphone. Did you know that overheating in turn makes your phone’s battery drain and lag? Well, now you no longer have to worry about that. Play all of those mobile games at ease and maintain your battery life for an extended period of time.

You can also turn off all unnecessary apps running in the background of your phone and avoid your phone’s battery draining out furthermore. The app also contains an anti-virus and app locker to make sure all of your data is kept safe! The anti-virus is especially designed to detect all viruses and malware that causes damage to your phone and with the app locker, you no longer need to worry about your privacy being violated.

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