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Not older and low-end phones tends to heat on load. All most all flagship Android phones and newest phones tend to heat on load. CPU cooling feature on Clean master app will be useful for most of you.

It is uncomfortable to hold hot Android phone for a long period of time. There are many ways to reduce phone heat. You can use apps like Clean master to find those apps and background processers cause phone to heat. Reducing CPU workload with CPU Cooling feature helps to hold your phone for a longer period of time without getting hot.

Why my phone get hot?

There are many reasons for overheating Android phones when using. Most common instances are If play heavy game for a long period of time or watch videos for long period of time. CPU temperature rises when the stress or work load on CPU is high. CPU heat dissipate from the phone body. As a result you will heat on the phone body.

It is normal for Android phone to get hot on heavy load like playing graphic and CPU intensive games and watching videos. But it is not normal for a phone to get frequently hot on simple day to day work. There are many reasons affecting if your phone get hot on daily usage.

When the number of background processers are high and amount of free CPU available for simple day to day tasks are low. As a result simple tasks like opening a social media app, message app may run CPU at max speed causing it to heat.

How to prevent my phone overheating?

There are many ways to prevent phone heating via software solutions. First check number of opened apps and processers on your Android phone. Use CPU Cooling feature of Clean Master app if you do not know how to check them manually.

CPU Cooling feature can detect apps and background processers that are CPU intensive. It also shows current CPU temperature. Close all unwanted apps and games using CPU cooling feature. Reducing CPU workload helps for quick heat reduction.

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