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Clean Master from Maple Labs Co, is one of the best cleaning app for IOS. There are many cleaner apps available for IOS. You may looking for IOS version of the famous Clean Master by Cheetahmobile. Clean Master apk is the best choice when it come to Android. Cheetahmobile does not have IOS version of Clean master. There for I have found something similar from Maple Labs. Both have the same name but from different vendors. Famous Android version of Clean Master is the best cleaning app available for Android for free. When it comes to apple or IOS it comes with a price. How ever this app has rating over 4.3 out of 5.

Download Clean Master IOS

There two best clean master alternatives. You can choose whatever you want based on your requirements.

Option 1:

App Name:Cleaner App
Developer:Wei Zhe
Compatibility:Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Ratings:3.9 out of 5

Option 2:

Name:Cleaner master – Phone Cleaner
Compatibility:Requires iOS 12.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
Ratings:4.2 out of 5

This app has in-app purchase. You have to pay for premium features. Keep that in mind before install this app on your iPhone.

Cleaner Master – Clean Storage for iPhone

Clean Master for iPhone has many features to clean your phone. Lets dig in to those features.

– Photo Cleaner

As you know there are lots of photos get accumulated on your iPhone with time. Many of those photos are taken by you and others may downloaded from internet or from social media apps. Some times you may have received same photos from friends and may not bother to delete those duplicate content. Later those images become the main thing that eat your storage space. Finding those duplicate images are not easy. Other thing is the you may take many selfies and photos using your phone camera. For one scene you may ended up taking many photos that looks similar. This app can find those similar selfies and live photos for you. You decide which photos to keep and delete others. Photo searching is very fast and smart.

  • Search for duplicate images and allow user to delete those duplicate images.
  • Find similar selfies and live photos. So you can delete those similar looking photos.
  • Find pictures relative to specific location. So you can delete same type of photos taken at a specific location.

– Video Cleaner

More than apps and images, video take the most of your storage. You may rarely worry about the size of the recorded videos files. Some recorded video files may over 1 GB or few GB in size. Not like music videos or other videos downloaded from internet, recorded videos files need more storage. Less than 1 minute video in 4K may easily exceed 1 GB. There may be lots of unwanted recorded video files you may never know. Best and easiest way to find those is by sorting all video files with size. So that you know about the largest video files in your iPhone. Clean Master can sort all those videos by size and duration. You can select unwanted videos and delete them easily using this app.

  • Scan all videos on your phone and sort them by size.
  • Show full information about those videos including size and duration.
  • Can select and delete multiple video files at once.

Contact Cleaner

Contacts wasn’t affect much on your storage, but it is nice to have cleaner contact list. Because with time you may accumulated with lots of contacts. There are many duplicates and accidentally created contacts without phone number or email address. Using this app you can delete those unwanted contacts easily. You can create contact backup and restore easily with Clean Master, You can even merge contacts. For example one person has 2 or more phone numbers and you have saved them in multiple contacts you can merge them to one. So that you can see his/her phone numbers in one contact. Below listed features related to contacts on Clean master.

  • Find and remove duplicate contacts on your iPhone
  • Clean empty contacts
  • Delete multiple contacts at once.
  • Easily group all your duplicate contacts
  • Create contact backup
  • Restore backup contacts
  • Merge contacts

You can checkout current prices and features on apple apps store.

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