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Phone cleaning tools are everywhere and it is so hard to select best cleaner. Most of the cleaners that claim to be the best are not so good at boosting performance and cleaning storage space. Some are good at both but very annoying and disturbing with popup notifications, ads and etc. You can select NOX Cleaner or Clean master as the best cleaners for Android due to various reasons.

Why Clean Master is considered to be the best free phone cleaner for Android? Showing real metrics on cleaning progress and performance boost is the main reason. Many apps shows fake information about cleared storage space and other metrics to demonstrate their cleaning process cleared the highest storage space and files. Only few genuine tools like NOX Cleaner, CM lite and Clean Master shows real data.

Features of free Android phone Cleaner

Free is not enough for a cleaning app. It should contain all the required features and functions to be the best free cleaner. Features and functions of Clean Master is completely free. Below describes main features of this application.

Clear phone storage space without deleting your important files and apps. There are many unused apps and games. You can use junk cleaning feature of this app to find and remove those apps. Caches, duplicate photos, unused files, downloaded files, extra backup files are considered as junks. Remove them to get back your storage space for free.

Performance Boosting is always bundle with every free Android cleaner tool. Cleaning RAM and CPU workload will boost performance quickly. Some tools close or hibernate system apps and tasks. Those apps and tasks restart soon after they stop, because those apps are vital to keep Android system running. Therefore Speed bump available for very short period of time. You can use phone boost feature of this app to boost performance correctly.

Free battery saving tool on this app can increase phone battery usage without replacing the battery. There are many background apps and tasks that run using battery power without any actual benefit to its user. Use free battery saver tool to identify all power hungry apps and block them for good battery usage time of your Android phone.

There are many other free features like Notification cleaner, antivirus, App Manager, Advance cleaning and etc.

Download best free phone cleaner app

You can use NOX Cleaner or Clean Master as the best free cleaners for your Android phone. NOX Cleaner available on Google play store as a free tool. Open play store and go to search. Then type “nox cleaner”. You will see this application on search results. Select and install.

Clean master does not available on play store. Use below download link to download Clean Master app.

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