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CCleaner for Windows 10 and PC

CCleaner for Windows 10, CCleaner PC

CCleaner for Windows 10 and all other PC devices like Windows XP, 7, 8 and 8.1 now available for free download. This is a cleaning app for your PC. You can use this app in order to clean up the pc and gain you more space in this device. By using such type of app work on the PC you can work the device faster and more securely.

Other than the above features you need to protect privacy. You don’t need to worry about privacy and others wanted things. Those all will be protected essentially. Apart from the existing Features there are more things that have been added for this app. From here we could get what are them.

Mainly the above app offers us many features. Actually those are useful for the performance of the pc. Now we are going to see what they are.

Features of the Ccleaner for PC

Updating is required for a device. If the software is out of date there are risks for the device. Those out of date software can be handled and can be invaded by cybercriminals. So this Ccleaner will update them automatically before they reach the danger.

We need to optimize in a device. So the users of a device are seeing the optimization in very little time. It is not a dream with an app like this. You can optimize your device with the Ccleaner within a single second. Just one tap needed to perform such a process.

Clearing the cache files and junk files make the PC faster. You can feel the difference between the before running Ccleaner and after running it. If the PC is running too slowly you have to be alerted about it. I am sure it will be corrected after running this amazing app once on the device.

Safety is a required thing for all of us. We would like to protect our privacy while doing something. Various trackers can catch up on the history of your browsing and other personal details. If you don’t want to expose such features Ccleaner won’t do it. You can perform a task with more confidentiality.

The clutter and various problems due to the registration may occur in crashes and many errors. You could use the Ccleaner as a solution to this above problem. It may clear the problems due to the clutter and make your PC work as prior.

Many of the people have to face this problem. It takes more time to start the pc. Because there are many programs running in the background before starting the pc. The Ccleaner will stop running the unnecessary files in the background and reduce the time wasted on it.

Those are the main features that you could obtain by the usage of an app like this. Other than them there are more exceptional Features.

Download Ccleaner for Windows Free

You can download this app for free. Click below download link to download this app for Windows versions.

Size:27 MB
Last Updated:April 2020
SuportWindows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

What’s more in CCleaner Windows

In the above I have mentioned there are more features that have been added recently. Then we see what those are. 

What’s new 


  1. What is the size of the app?
    This is about a 14.76 MB sized app.
  2. Is this free of charge?
    You can download this app for free. But you have to purchase about 1$ – 6$ per item.
  3. Is this safe for my device?
    Yes, this is totally safe. There is no harm to your device.
  4. Who is the developer of the app?
    Piriform offered the Ccleaner app.
  5. How many downloads have finished by this app?
    Now it has performed about 50,000,000+ downloads.
  6. Are there any ads contained in this app?
    Yes, there are only ads placed by the app developer.

Those are the details about the Ccleaner app for cleaning up the device. It is a better app to increase the performance of the PC. I think you will try it and see the outcome.

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