Call Blocker – Block callers using your Android phone

Set automatic call rejections with Call Blocker apk. You can block or unblock annoying callers using this app. This is a lite weight simple call blocker that does not need large storage space and performance of your phone. You won’t notice presence of this app.


A device that impacts people’s daily lives like no other will certainly be a smartphone. Its popularity and the worldwide usage statistics confirms this. Before the introduction of the smartphone people use to carry many hardware stationaries like exercise books, diaries, file covers, today commonly known as notebooks.

These notebooks were used to store personal and official information and records. This was a very bulky process. For effective record maintenance a separate notebook has to be maintained for each subject. Then when the pages of the books run out, they have to be safely stored and protected. This made record rooms full of such notebooks and files running to many thousands in an organization.

With the smartphone capturing the whole world one of its features is to smartly take over this bulky record room task.  Thousands of hardware stationary all compacted into this mobile light weight smartphone device. Having been in that era and in the present to say the least is “Unbelievable” how well and effectively this smartphone has impacted on people’s lives.

To simply put it, a smartphone has made lives that much easier and convenient.  A smartphone technology been hooked to public domain could bring in unwanted happenings. Known to all and referred to as spams. Most common are the receiving of unwanted calls. These nuisance calls are a real waste of time. They cannot be ignored totally as some of them could be genuine and important. This leaves the user of the smartphone guessing, bringing anxiety and stress.

Statistics gathered out of surveys have shown an alarming increase in spam calls. An unbelievable 2.3 billion spam calls are recorded monthly in U.S.A alone. Now imagine the total time factor wasted on responding to these spam calls. Truly a waste of productive time most people are running short. Be heartened here’s super news. Block and keep away those unwelcomed spam calls with an amazing and efficient smart app. Yes, it is the Call Blocker App.

Features of Call Blocker Apk

With the Call Blocker the below detailed actions are possible with the click of buttons featured per each mode. The app has many options in the process making blocking simple and easy. Also giving way to meet the users desire of the blocking method.  Block a spam call instantly, a number, a contact.  Silencing of calls is another option.

With the block list, enter numbers and contacts details you wish to block. No more calls will you receive from them. Enter numbers starting, ending and contain in the same series. Helpful to block calls from specific country, city, or business entities. With the Call Blocker database of 3 billion numbers the app will make sure to block the greatest number of spam numbers.

Cut off all of those unwanted nuisances from your lives and free yourself of preventable anxiety and stress. Load the Blocker App right away and enjoy to the max working on your favorite smartphone knowing spam calls are something of the past.  Enjoy your freedom with Call Blocker!

Download Call Blocker Apk

You can easily download and install this Android call rejecting application using Google play store. Click below download link using your Android phone.

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This app has only one purpose like blocking calls. There apps like NOX Cleaner, Clean Master, AVG Cleaner, Phone Master, etc. that has many features like Performance booster, App Manager, Junk Cleaning and more.

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