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There are many Android Junk cleaners and performance boosters. But only few of them offer automatic cleaning and boosting feature. Sometime automation is a premium or pro feature. You can use Auto Task Plugin to automate Cache clean, Wi-Fi Manage, Do not disturb mode, Junk clean and more.

Value of a Smartphone

Humans or materials have  important and common factors that needs attention by compulsion. Health, right maintenance, care, and protection. Without the right attention paid they are bound to suffer. Humans with failing health and mal functioning materials.

The main topic here would be on material aspect. A smartphone. Right maintenance results in Right functioning. Maintenance will keep away costly repairs. Without maintenance,  in the worst scenario would require replacement which cost,  would be exorbitant.

Users of smartphones will only know too well how absurd and helpless a situation bringing about the need to replace of a smartphone would be. A smartphone today, serves its users just as a part of the human body would do. In other words, indispensable.

Needless to go into details as been one of the most widely used devices in the world we all know the importance and the value of a smartphone. To state its value can not be assessed in monetary terms wouldn’t be wrong. All of its users will agree in unison that the smartphone has made life so much easier.

With its array of endless features compressed to an all – in- one,  the smartphone could be considered as one of the great innovations of this century. Hence it is of equal importance that the most suitable maintenance method be found.

To do this right is the Auto Tasks Plugin App. This incredible maintenance app will live and perform up to expectations. Its modern tech features will work to maintain the optimum functionality of the smartphone. Added to this it will provide the right protection to ensure the safety. Here’s to run through briefly this marvelous app’s super smart features.

Features of Auto Task Plugin

In auto mode will clean up the cache files that consist of files of uninstalled apps, background running programs, and any other junk. This process will ensure the most optimum levels of storage capacity is continuously maintained. All of this will be done with no interference on the other running apps in usage.

With the Wi-Fi manager feature set to “on” and “off” Wi-Fi at the times you want.  So well thought and designed feature to save data. Also, will give parental control. With the Do Not Disturb mode silence, mute sound, stop vibration, and even block any visuals. Very handy when absolute privacy is needed at meetings, hospitals, or any other.

With the apps Auto Booster Memory sensors,  will analyze and detect anything that taxes memory unusually high. It will then re arrange all of these considering their usage frequency in the most optimum manner to sustain memory at it’s best. In the same way will detect memory leaking apps and take action to fix them.

With the Auto Tasks Plugin app working in your smartphone and its tireless features of managing Wi-Fi, and general Auto Clean of the entire setup will keep all of the app’s users free of worry and anxiety. Yes be free of them as the most trusted app to do the job is in your smartphone now.

Download Auto Task Plugin

This is a free Android automation for junk cleaning and performance boosting. You can easily download and install this application using Google play store. Click below download link using your Android phone to install.

Install Now

To use above plugin make sure to install all-in-one toolbox. There are many other tools like this that has all the features inbuilt and does not need to install plugins to have new features like NOX Cleaner app, Phone Master, AVG Cleaner and Clean master app.

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