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Battery Saver Clean Master

Have you ever been out and your Android phone suddenly dies on you? Battery drain can be frustrating, especially when you need your phone to be available at all times. Luckily, there are many battery-saving apps like Clean Master available for Android phones that can help you maximize your phone’s battery life. In this article, we will discuss why battery drain happens, actions you can take to reduce battery drain. You will see how you can use Clean Master app reduce battery drain along with the solutions provided.

Why Battery Drain Happens

There are many reasons why your Android phone’s battery drains quickly. Some of the most common reasons are:

High Screen Brightness: A high screen brightness setting can quickly drain your phone’s battery. Lower your screen brightness to reduce battery draining for screen. Screen is the most power hungry component of your phone. Screen takes the largest amount of battery power.

Background Apps: Apps running in the background consume battery power, even if you are not actively using them. You can use Clean master app to find background running apps and games that drain power more often. It will recommend to keep some running and recommend to close them based on their battery consumption and current battery level of your phone.

Poor Signal: When your phone has a poor signal, it uses more power to maintain a connection to the network. There is no active solution for this. You can change to flight mode when their is poor signal and reconnect when the connections are good in order to save battery.

High CPU Usage: There are many unwanted apps on your Android phone that use lots of CPU power. Some may run on background even without using them. Find those CPU intensive apps with CPU Cooler feature of Clean Master app and close them.

Push Notifications: Constant push notifications from apps can also consume battery power. Use Clean Master notification cleaner feature to find push notifications and disable unwanted notifications.

Battery Saver for Android

Battery saving feature of Clean Master is simple to use and effective. One click on “battery saver” button on the home screen of this app will check all the possible solutions to improve battery time. Show recommendations after analyzing. Using this features three times a day for better results.

It will push notification or remind you when you are low on battery. You can set auto save power feature at night to reduce battery draining over night. There are certain apps that need high performance to run. This app can detect those apps and notify you. There are some apps and game behave abnormally. Some of them run on background without noticing. Battery saver feature of this app can detect abnormal battery drains. Find those apps and remove them if unnecessary.

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