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All-in-One application that has all the tools you want to run your Android at its best. It has all the features to boost performance, gain free storage by cleaning junks, cleaning RAM, more battery health, CPU cooler, File Manager, App Manager and more. All In One Toolbox for Android is awesome Android app that is available for free.

Any appliance/device that makes peoples tasks easy should be looked after in the best manner. A smartphone or a similar personal device falls into this category.

Here’s introducing an App that is specially made to take care of your most valuable device a smartphone to keep working in the most efficient manner. This will make sure the users won’t have to bother about their smartphones well been. It is the ONE-IN-ALL TOOLBOX one of a kind. Let’s take a brief look into this super App’s effective built-in features.

Features of All-In-One Toolbox app

COMPATIBILITY – supports vast plugins like the settings involving volume, game booster, app lock and more of the smartphone.

INDICATIVE GUIDANCE– is made easy. Just one look to determine the important, CPU Temperature, RAM run, internal storage space and more.

ONE CLICK JUNK CLEANER– Many files are created automatically when Apps are installed. These are referred to as cache. Such files will be removed without causing a problem to the use of the smartphone.

CACHE SCAN -Regularly the App will scan the cache. In this process App left overs, Empty folders, Temporary files, Thumb images and similar unused items will be cleaned.

ONE TOUCH SPEED BOOSTER – Make the phone to speed up and here’s what’s best. Every boost will release around 400 MB Memory. Wow!!!! Simply Amazing isn’t it.

CPU COOLER – With one tap activate this feature and automatically the App will detect running Apps. The user then can switch off any Apps to get rid of unnecessary temperatures. Thus, maintaining the ideal temperature.

SPEED UP BOOTING – One happening that will put off users is when the smartphone takes unusual long times to start up. With the App’s BOOT UP SPEED technology with one tap will disable unnecessary Apps to make the smartphone boot up quickly.

FILES MANAGER – Enables to access and look into Documents, Photos, Music, Videos and also what’s stored in an external HD card. This gives the option for the user to delete any of the unwanted files.

PLUG IN – Makes customization a possibility. Make any feature settings like BOOSTER modes, cleaning modes, providing security protection for privacy, Games, Managing the notification bar taking off unwanted messages and all of these with the plug-in feature.

All of the above-mentioned features will ensure

– the smartphone battery life will be at its best.

– much wanted storage space will be maintained in the best manner.

– with the most optimal cleaning and clearing the phone’s machinery in working will not be burdened and overloaded 

– maintaining the right temperature at all times.

– will eliminate preventable and unwanted expenses on repairs due to poor maintenance.

With the All In On ToolBox App take away the least worry. The App will take the most appropriate care of your smartphone as nobody else would do, to guarantee its smooth functioning. Keep going with you with your smartphone with no worry. Worries will be taken care by the super All-In-One Toolbox with no fuss. This great master of an App in an All-In-One App is truly wonderful.

Download All In One Toolbox app for Android

One of the best Android cleaner and booster with all the tools required. There are many such applications like Clean Master, Phone Master, AVG Cleaner, etc. You can download this app directly from google play store for free. Click below link using your Android phone to download for free.

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