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Android Junk Removal

Android Junk Removal

Unwanted files on your phone storage is called as junk files. Those unwanted files or junks collected over time due to many reasons. Here we are going to discuss how those junks are collected and how to remove them. There are many free Android cleaning apps like Clean Master, NOX cleaner are developed for Android junk removal. No need to manually search for each and every non important files to delete.

Best way to get rid of “not enough storage space” message is removing junks. No one like to delete your photos, videos or mostly used apps to get storage space for new photos and etc.

How junks collected

Here we are discussed only main reasons that cause Android phone to run out of storage space due to junks. When your phone storage is almost full without many photos and videos is a sign of junks. Usable amount of space is diminished and you can get that space even after deleting your important apps, games, photos and videos.

Many social media apps, messaging apps play a major role for collecting junks. People share videos, photos and file through messaging apps. Most of those photos and files are duplicates and does not important for you. With time large portion of your storage space is taken by those files.

Android system, apps and games receive updates over time. Some update backups are collected without any use. Those unused backups, update files are also called as junks.

People tends to install apps and games they see on internet. You may forgot about those apps and games over time. There may be apps and games of few gigabytes that you no longer use. Apps like Clean Master apk can detect those unused apps and games. App Manager feature of this app shows all those apps with its size. So you can easily decide whether that app stays or not.

Cache files are used by almost all Android apps and games. Some cache files may extend up to few gigabytes that has no useful advantage. Unused cache files also considered as junks.

Next big thing is downloaded files folder. There may be big files, videos and etc. on your download folder. Removing unused or old files on download folder helps to free storage space.

How to remove them

You can use File Manager app to browse your Android system to find junk files. But it is not practical due to many reasons. First it takes considerable amount of time to remove those junks. Next is junks may collect daily. You have to repeatedly do that process to keep your phone clean.

You can use free Android Junk Removal apps like NOX Cleaner, Clean Master or AVG Cleaner. Those are the best and effect Android cleaners available for free.

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