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Most of the booster articles or apps are about increasing download or file sharing speed. But most of your are looking a way to boost performance or speed of Samsung Phones. Here we are using the best booster Samsung app to gain lost performance, battery life and storage. Clean Master is one of the best booster apps available for free.

As you all know Samsung phones are pretty fast on early usage. Those phones tends to lose performance, average battery time and storage space over time. Factory resetting will helps to overcome this issue. But factory reset will lose all your apps, photos, videos, contacts and everything. Reinstalling apps, adding photos and videos every time you reset your phone is not easy.

You can use booster application like NOX Cleaner, AVG Cleaner or Clean Master app on your Samsung phone. Those cleaners support all most all models including A series, M series, Y series and Galaxy devices.

Features of Samsung Booster app

There two main features required to boost and optimize any Samsung Android phone. They are listed below. Check them out.

Junk Cleaning: Junk cleaning plays a important role in increasing phone speed. Junks are collected due to various reasons like duplicates, old updates, old backup files, downloaded files, unused apps and etc. Cleaning those junk will free storage space, RAM and CPU stress too.

Phone Boost will quickly free up RAM to provide quick boost for your current application or game. When the amount of opened apps and task are high amount of free RAM available for your current using app is low. As a result apps may run slower than expected. Use Phone Boost feature on your Samsung Android to quick performance jump.

When the number of opened apps and background tasks are high CPU tends to over heat. This is common for every smart phone. As a result you feel hot through the phone. CPU cooler feature will reduce CPU stress by closing and hibernating apps and tasks.

Batter saver is the last important feature to boost Samsung phone. This feature can identify apps and tasks that drain battery power mostly. Most of the time this happen when you are not using the phone. You can decide whether this application needed or not. Removing all power hungry apps will helps for longer battery time.

There are many other features that comes for free like Antivirus, App Manager, Notification cleaner, App lock, Photo cleaner and etc. Clean Master provide many features as possible for free. It is more than many free cleaning tools out there. Click here for Free Android Cleaner.

Download Booster Samsung App

You can use Google play store on your Samsung Android phone to download NOX Cleaner or AVG Cleaner applications. Those are most popular Android cleaners available for Samsung devices via Play Store. Clean Master does not available on play store or Galaxy store. Click below link to download Clean Master app.

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