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Are you running out of storage space of your Android phone? Then try using 1Tap Cleaner apk. Easily get more storage by cleaning caches and other unwanted data files created by apps and games. No need to delete images or videos to get storage space.

Your smartphone been of immeasurable value of untold proportions, must be protected, cared for, and looked after in no uncertain terms. So glad to introduce a smart app that will do the job for you in the best manner. Leave all of it to that latest, most effective, and efficient cleaning apps to come about in modern times. It is the one and only 1Tap Cleaner App. Here are some of its important features in a brief,

Features of 1Tap Cleaner App

CACHE is one important section in the device which usually is the memory storage area. With 1tap, cleaning of the cache its junk will be removed. This will keep the smartphone’s memory and storage up to optimal levels. Will also make access to all of the items in the cache really quick.

When tapping on a link without a default set, the smartphone will show browsers and make the user to select a browser to open the link. With 1tap makes the default settings. And thereafter the smartphone will pick up the most appropriate browser when having to open links without the user having to select, as done before default settings.

SD card insertion will supplement the smartphone’s built-in storage by increasing the capacity. In addition, the SD card plays another vital role by serving as a backup storage on the many contents of the smartphone. SD cards come in many built in storage capacities. With 1tap the user can clean up the SD card to boost its storage capacity.

When apps are installed in smartphone files are created in the process. If these files are not removed, they will become useless junk. With 1tap clean up all of these junk files, which will boost overall capacities of the smartphone with increased working speeds.

A technologically advanced widget in the 1Tap Cleaner app will show all important parameters like cache available size and etc. An option is available to clearly specified cache files or applications the user wants.

Notifications will come up to show large files and applications that drain out storage capacities exceeding normal limits. Reference is made easy with been able to list down the details of applications with the option of data, cache, total size, code or by the name of apps.

Users can uninstall any apps they wish to. An exclusive page displays all the details of the applications. With prevent rotation feature will enable users uninterrupted view without the nuisance of the screen rotating horizontally or vertically.

1Tap app’s user control panel is designed with convenience and easy to use features by displaying all of the app’s feature modes. Amazing range of features offered by 1Tap Cleaner App will take off the loads of worry and anxiety off its users, knowing they have left their much-loved smartphone in safe hands of 1Tap Cleaner app. And 1Tap Cleaner with its modern technology will care and look after the smartphone like a loving mother taking care of her child.

Download 1Tap Cleaner APK

You can download this powerful Android storage cleaner app from Google play store. No need to search internet to install this app. This is a free Android application that is available on Android default app store. Click below link using your Android phone to install free.

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